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  1. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Hey all, new to the forum. My parents just bought a house about 2 miles from the dam on lake Hartwell on the South Carolina side, right next to the sailboat marina. I have spent a lot of time fishing over the years both salt and fresh water, but freshwater stripers are something totally new to...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Looks like a great source of information. :salute:
  3. South Carolina - Interior
    Any One Have Imfo On Where To Catch Quality Stripers On Hartwell This Time Of Year
  4. South Carolina - Interior
    It is now July and everyone is saying the stripers on Lake Hartwell are in the big waters near the dam. I have never had any luck out near the dam. I am new to striper fishing and most of my fish have been caught up the creeks and rivers. Is there any Lake Hartwell fishermen that have any...
  5. South Carolina - Interior
    New projects considered at Lake Hartwell HARTWELL - Public input is being sought on how best to use funds from the Lake Hartwell PCB settlement - and a final public hearing on the matter was scheduled this past Thursday night. PCB is an oily substance that is known to increase the cancer risk...
  6. South Carolina - Interior
    I just moved to SC and have fished Hartwell a couple of times but have had no luck catching any stripers. I've tryed trolling with shiners and some lures. Does anyone know of a good location on Hartwell and some good techniques to catch stripers? Thanks
  7. South Carolina - Interior
    does anyone fish lake hartwell? any suggestions on catching stripers and bait?
  8. North Carolina - Interior
    does anyone know of a good location to catch bait on lake hartwell? i have a cast net that i can throw pretty well. any suggestions?
  9. South Carolina - Interior
    LAKE HARTWELL: Stripers, hybrids on live herring, large shiners in river channels. Largemouth off points on crankbaits.
  10. Georgia Stripers
    LAKE HARTWELL: LAKE HARTWELL: Largemouth at dawn on wide variety of lures worked off points. Stripers, hybrids on live herring 15 to 30 feet deep in river channels. Catfish on cut herring, crawlers, chicken livers.
1-10 of 11 Results