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  1. Massachusetts
    Fished an alternative spot today on the marsh. Wasnt sure if I could get down to my Basshole (Trestle) because of all the rain. Didnt even bother going down the trail to see if the giant puddle had formed yet again. So I hit my secondary spot just a tad to the NorthEast of the Trestle. Real slow...
  2. Massachusetts
    My spot, same situation, 'cept for the rain. Hung out down Hampton Beach till about 10"30pm, the rain subsided, so I hit the Basshole. Started to sprinkle a bit, but stopped. Within 15 minutes of getting there, sure as crap the fish started flopping about all around me. Used the same Mr. Bunker...
  3. Massachusetts
    Ok, where to begin....ok so started by taking another trip down to Newbury, MA. Caught one schoolie on a Storm. Went to the 99's, and then just needed to fish more. I went down to my Basshole in the marsh. There was 3 guys fly fishing, but had no luck. I told them they have to wait till after...
  4. Massachusetts
    Sucked. LMAO. I threw out everything I had. Herring, various topwater lures, Storms, eels, small Danny's, various Bombers, and nothin'. Not even a whack. I let some chunk herring sit out there for hours, nuttin. It stunk of skunk. Oh well. Theres always next weekend. I needa git a new 9' rod...
  5. Massachusetts
    Hope to see some Stripers in the Hampton Estuary the weekend before Mothers Day, 3 weeks. Might be pushing it, but I'm hoping :)
21-25 of 25 Results