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  1. Canada
    I was wonderring if anyone uses live or dead bait on the Kenebacasis and if so what do you use? I was fishing a certain brook's mouth last summer during the white perch run and had a massive stripe take a perch of my line now I know we can't use spiney finned fish as bait... but it got me...
  2. New Hampshire
    Anybody hear any more of the fishermen that capsized off Hampton beach? Last I heard 1 guy died, and the other was revived. Very sad!
  3. New York
    Fluke Bite On, in Montauk By Russell Drumm Chris Miller held the 59-and-a-half-pound striped bass he speared last week east of Montauk Point. (08/08/2007) Those who take the time to read this fishing roundup have probably experienced the frustration of being up that particular creek...
  4. Massachusetts
    I might be heading out on Wednesday, gonna fish the day and throughout the evening, probably til around 12am. I'll be shore fishing, plugs and chunking, so what bait would work best, herring or Macks? Clams? Any help would be friggen great. Thankss.
  5. Massachusetts
    :skunk: this time i was in a boat and later on foot...trolled along the coast from hampton to the lower end of plum, not one fish on the screen, my buddy had to go home so i hoofed the rest of the night along beach fronts...not even a bite. i fished hard and covered a lot of ground. im done with...
  6. Cape Cod Canal
    SUCKED MAJOR ASS.....couldnt catch a friggin cold if i tried. angry.gif :suicide:
  7. Massachusetts
    Hey everybody, I do a lot of surf and fly fishing out on Plum island Wildlife Refuge and thought I would try a little closer to home (I live in Roch, NH) Is the marsh wadeable, and if so where can I "put in". Not looking for any hot spots just a place to start. Gibby
  8. Massachusetts
    Wowzah, well the Fall is officially here. The smells of the Fairs, Hampton Beach, and everything else "Summer Time", are all gone. Time for the smells of Autumn...pumpkin pie, wood stoves, and turkey in tha oven. Fishing is still productive along the coast. I may have missed my last shot at...
  9. Massachusetts
    From Pete Tilton Jr., Some Flounder have been taken out of the harbor, and some schoolie Striper's have been caught and released. It's blast of time.
  10. Massachusetts
    Hey, anyone in the NE area interested in Social D w/ Lostcity Angels at the Hampton Casino Ballroom May 20th????? Just wanted to see if any1 was interested in doing a little Stripers247 musical get-together...I know some of you guys are in the general area... ...Lemme know... ...or just post...
  11. Massachusetts
    Here's a shot of Great Boars Head that was talked about in another thread... Boars Head, around here it's pronounced "Bo'wiz Head" :)
  12. The Striper Forum
    I have to head to Hapton beach tomorrow AM early for a few days of training... after training of course I'll be casting my line into the water. Does ANYONE have any hints about fishing around Hampton beach NH for stripers... or anything else, from shore? Where do I go? what do I use? please...
  13. Massachusetts
    Last The derelict/degenerate bums and the ignorant, disrespectful tourists were in full force. Yesterday I had one dopey lady admitting to a crime, saying how herself and people she knows often take shorts and bring them to Chinese joints. According to her, "there are 2 places...
  14. New York
    Hi, I live in Boston but I will be in Hampton Bays from July 9th to July 11th. I would like to do some surfcasting. I don't really care if it's for Stripers or Blues (Stripers would be great, but right now I just want to find some action). Anyone know the best spots for surfcasting? I am...
  15. Massachusetts
    Decided to fish the outgoing again last night. Went prepared with a 5 gallon bucket of Herring on ice (thanks JimmyJames). No more running out of bait. Got there a little after 7pm. No bites through the very last of the incoming, and the slack. It was quiet until 9pm. Then I got whacked and...
  16. Massachusetts
    OFF THE WALL PANDEMONIUM. I got there at 10 am. Rained all over me. Got 3 bites, small fish. Blach! Went home for lunch and a break about 1:30pm. My bud Shane called from Manchester and said he was coming down. Went back to the marsh at about 4pm. Rained harder. It sucked. No bites. Ok, waited...
  17. New Hampshire
    In need of some advise! New to the Hampton beach area and lookin to catch some fish. Tried a few spots but no luck as of yet. I hate to creep in on anyones fishin holes, but some insight to the better spots would be great. (from the beach) I've had to abondon my holes on MV so now its time to...
  18. Massachusetts
    I'm heading out. Need sun. Probably hit up the Rte. 101 bridge since I cant get down to the trestle.
  19. Massachusetts
    PLenty and plenty of schoolie action. Storm Wildeyes, Charlie Graves tins, and Kastmaster took all the fish today. Had a little over a dozen Stripers, ranging from 12" to 18", between myself, my brother, and his 2 sons. Both of my nephews hooked up which was good. Fisrt ones this year for the...
  20. Massachusetts
    Got bored and headed down to the Basshole at about 11:30pm. The tide was still rolling in. Threw out the Mr. Bunker, no hits. But the fish were jumpin'. Tried some topwater stuff, nothin'. Then tried a Charlie Graves squid tin, and finally scored 1. Although the fish were really active on top as...
1-20 of 25 Results