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  1. Massachusetts
    i was wondering if i could get some info on catching pogies around the haba. I leave out of hingham and cant seem to find any pogies. i am really good with cast net im just not sure when the best time to fish for them is, First light, night, daytime? Also what would be an area to start that...
  2. Massachusetts
    Based on my experience last weekend and what I've heard from a few guys fishing this week the macs beat it out of town. Pogies are in and that's what Ill be shifting my focus to. Good luck everyone!
  3. Massachusetts
    What a nice calm, productive day (before all hell breaks lose this weekend). Got out early and the macks were helpful. Soon after we filled the not quite a live well (yeah I still don't have one, but I upgraded to a round tub if you will...) we feed some more than willing stripers...It was...
  4. Massachusetts
    anyone going out tomorrow? i will be from noon time on and can be reached on channel 16 Boat name Iron Horse. Going to try and find some macs
  5. Massachusetts
    I'm planning to fish Friday. Head out early and work the birds and then get live bait. Anyone gonna be out there Friday morning/day?
  6. Massachusetts
    Hit various spots around the haba this past week. Throwin' crystal minnows, bombers, storm shads, pretty much everything in the box...and what do I have to show? A couple of bumps and nudges and one drop. Anyone else havin' any luck? :smiliedoh:
  7. Massachusetts
    Anyone run into any mackeral out in Boston Habor yet? I might head out Sunday and want to see if it's worth my effort to jig some up and live line 'em. Thanks!
  8. Massachusetts
    Fished the outer harbor ledges for cod on Saturday. We only picked up one at 20" on clams. They certainly aren't in there thick. Lots of harbor pollack around though. Didnt' see any dogs or macks.
  9. Massachusetts
    Hope everyone's enjoying the holidays! I thought I'd share a couple of things I learned about fishing Boston Harbor in 2009. This site really helped me improve my fishing and I wanted to share some of what I put together with others. > Every season is so different depending on what kind of...
  10. Massachusetts
    There are a lot of nice bass in the haba right now. Live pogies has been working best for me (no suprise). It's worth the time trying to find the bait. We got a 45" bass and a couple more in the 30's on Sunday. I hope everyone is enjoying the fall run!
  11. Massachusetts
    Check out this 45" bass I caught on a live pogy in the Haba on Monday. Used 15lb line and a light set up. Fish was released unharmed. I blacked out the landmarks so I wouldn't burn the spot :)
  12. Massachusetts
    I'll be out in the Haba on Wednesday. If your going to be out there and want to trade info PM me. Tight lines!
  13. Massachusetts
    I'll be out in Boston Harbor tonight in my boat. Let me know if you are going to be out there and want to trade info. I was out Wednesday night and did okay - nothing too big but about 6 that were close to keeper size.
  14. Massachusetts
    Hitting the harba tommorrow night going to take some wire just in case I run into some blues, this going to be the first time hitting boston in a while been getting skunked in the canal still haven't figured that puzzle out yet and after taking a rock spill last week lol I'm ready to try some...
  15. Massachusetts
    I'm going to be fishing Boston Harbor on Sunday in a boat and was wondering if anyone else will be out there and wants to trade info on the water via mobile phone. My plan is to hunt poggies, snag and drop when I find them, or fish them somewhere else if the bass aren't under them. If I can't...
  16. Massachusetts
    2:00 AM.....Started on the inner harbor at the outflow to the Edison in the Mystic River. Fishing in a barrel for me and my son. About thirty fish, mostly blues of the rat variety on 6" bomber long A's both jointed and not. After dark you can throw a jig head by itself and catch fish here...
  17. Massachusetts
    Looking for info on where I can put in my boat for a change and would like to boat boston harbor Saturday? Any advice on where I can put in and what the fishing is like now ? Any chance of COD ? Flatties and Bass ?
  18. Kayaking Stripers
    Mcattardo and myself launched from Winthrop public landing at 8am with great conditions and no hint of wind. This is the first trip venturing into the Haba area for this year. A little cool but fish still on the move. It can only get better. We trolled all the way out to logans pier and...
  19. Kayaking Stripers
    Boston your my home!!!!!!! Back!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D First fresh fish of the season for us today. We launched the inner Boston Haba today at 12:30 pm. Went to the hot spot and casted small plastics. First couple were holdovers with no sea lice. Next...
1-19 of 19 Results