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  1. The Striper Forum
    I'm heading out to plum gut and the race next week. I'm very new to saltwater (second season) any advice for stripers or blues would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking frozen bunker or squid? Any bait/rig suggestions would be great. This is my first salt trip with my boat this year. Thanks...
  2. The Striper Forum
    hi. I am planning a trip to fish plum gut and the race for stripers. I am unfamiliar with the area.I was hopeing i could get some help.Can anyone tell me what time of year is best on these spots for big stripers?Also can anyone recomend a good charter captian that fishes here? Thanks in advance...
  3. The Striper Forum
    Hi, New member here and new to striper fishing. Just got a 17.5 foot key west (first boat) and don't think its big enough (or that I have the experience) to get it out into plum gut or the race. Will I have any success sticking in Orient harbor and near the eastern shore of Shelter Island? Any...
  4. The Striper Forum
    Yesterday I gut hooked a fluke he was 15inches the guy next to me told me he will die even if i throw it back... to keep it and use it for bait... It actually swallowed a 5/0 hook, and hooked itself....I got the hook out(I read yesterday that your suppose to cut the line, but the hook was taking...
  5. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Wife stuck a 9/0 treble in me and put me on a stringer!!! And the boys I fish with are KILLIN them:trout:
  6. Massachusetts
    AT Hull Gut i often see people chunking. Are u aiming for the fish in the deeper water, or the shallow section off the tip of bumpkin? Clams or Mackeral??
  7. Striper Guides & Charters
    I spent some time in NY waters this week fishing both my striper tubes and some baits shad/scup. The tube action is red hot with some decent numbers but mostly schoolie and small keeper size fish. Interestingly enough, both the Bubblegum and Ebony tubes caught well side by side under a bright...
  8. The Striper Forum
    I saw this question on another site and it created quite a debate. I know we all try our hardest not to gut hook fish, but it happens. So, what do we do? Leave the hook in there? It would be interesting to find out the mortality rate of a fish that has a hook in it s gut. Can it still eat...
  9. Massachusetts
    Was fishing at Hull gut today with a friend...was there about an hour fishing the out going tide with cod hi lo rigs and some clam....after an hour of nothing we kept one hi lo rig out and i casted with a storm shad for 'bout half an hour.....then all of a sudden I saw tons of sea gulls flying...
1-9 of 9 Results