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  1. Massachusetts
    Just did a couple hours out at my favorite drive-to Island. I was anxious to try my Storm Shad, my poorly-rigged Slug-go and some Slug-go variations (standard rig and jigged white, standard and "rigged" black) and my Atom Popper. I caught a fishing rod, that escaped just shy of shore but no...
  2. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    .......I bought a new Shimano BR 4500 reel from E bay, The guy bought the reel from a tackle shop and they put line on it, he never used it and hence sold it. Before replacing his line with Ande (pink) I decided to give the reel a try.. I been out 3 times with this reel so far, and caught a...
  3. Hudson River
    WAIT I MEAN STRIPER FISHING HAHA well atleast iam going to give it a shot any way .lets see some pics of some big cat fish
  4. Massachusetts
    Alewive's be runnin'! Yesah. And I've been told the counts by the Biologists at the fish ladders are good! That is GREAT news to hear. BLAST OFF TIME headbang.gif
  5. Kayaking Stripers
    Guess I'm back again :) Riddler, how are you. How is fishing this summer? Nils
  6. Massachusetts
    Ok, def no more skunked!! Hit my uncles house tonight in Prince Cove. During Summer months on the right tide, small schoolies are everywhere, but usually in the 16-20 range. Tonight, good size fish, nailed 2 good ones, 32" and a 31"!!! I was pumped. Good action for about an hour, but had to...
1-6 of 10 Results