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  1. Vendor Deals
    Pelagic Outfitters is proud to announce the introduction of Fin-Nor to our product line. From its legendary Santiago to its modern "small package big capability" Marquesa, there is something in the line up that will fit your needs quite well. Now for the Promotion! Purchase any Santiago reel...
  2. New Jersey
    I request information on how to form a Group Membership ( Under networking ) when you send a PM on the side bar is a Hudson river club that has formed one. any opinions on this. Bill
  3. New York
    JOIN MY GROUP New york striper fishing ‎73 MORE DAYS!!! until the striper season opens! but the fish will be here at the end of march when the water temp's get to around 46 degrees. so y wait. i will be on the water. but remember guys >>>catch an release only!!!<<<...
  4. Carolina Coast - Hatteras - OBX
    Hey everyone, I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the next puddle they get to throw a line in. Me, well, I carry two rods everywhere I go. My 5-wt fly rod and my heavy spinning rod (Rebel T10 always attached). Landing a big trout in a wide river makes me happy, but watching a...
  5. Surfcasting Central
    Surfcasters Group Sensitive or more specific material. This forum is joinable by application through your user control panels and must be approved by a moderator. Membership requirements are for participating members in good...
  6. Hudson River
    We could get the island current and crew prety cheap....they are getting all the stripers as they leave the the reports.... . anybody up for a road trip..probably $75 per man. :a_goodjob:
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hey, My name is Ron, I'm 40, I'm from Lynn, MA. I used to fish most every night many years ago. It was a good way to forget about a crappy day at work and I USED to catch fish. I got out of it for awhile (10 years?) and took up hang gliding (big fun), which I still like to do. Anyway, I just...
  8. Surfcasting Central
    P.S.Y.C.O.s ... Pier, Surf, Yack and Casting organization. First I want to say hello and thanks. I wanted to invite anyone who would like to come to our meeting on jan 28th. It will be in ocean view right near the new pier. We Have no dues, no money spent by you. Just a group of guys who have...
1-8 of 11 Results