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  1. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    Last few days have been great for Wipers. Nice to finally catch some good ones. Caught mostly on 3" Slider paddle tail grubs carolina rigged, Stickbaits and spoons. Some big White bass and quite a few Saugers and Walleyes in the mix.
  2. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    Top water wipers of late. From this morning 8-16. Smack Tackle Wake bait, perfect replica of a Skipjack and they hit it hard
  3. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    Finally some fishable water for a change.Still pretty high but clearing up . I caught 1 Wiper on a Smack Tackle Flitterbait and a dozen or so White Bas on Slider Grubs and Crappie jigs. Slow Jigging in very close to the shore in and around the rocks. Good to catch a few finally.White colored...
  4. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    We caught a few more over the weekend. Adam caught a couple on Redfins and I got some on 3 inch sluggos while they were chasing shiners.
  5. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    I took my grandson to the dam today to try and catch a few. Well we finally caught a few. They hit live Shad, Gizz 3 crankbaits and Redfins. Really nice to feel some tugging and Adam had a blast.
  6. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    Carolina rigged Gizz 3 , plowed it pretty hard.I hope more of them start showing up now!!
  7. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    Well, I tried to redeem myself for the weird situation last weekend, but no momster wipers this weekend, though it still beat working for a living! ;) Went with a fishing buddy Terry goes by Creekwalker on OGF and other Ohio forums. I caught the first wiper, maybe 4 lbs. Also caught a nice...
  8. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    Well, after a decent afternoon with Jeff yesterday, I decided to dress a little warmer and go again today. Only caught 23, 14 of which were on a blue Gizz. what a lure. I was even bringing one in and another tried to steal it from the 6 lber I was landing. So it looks like they are starting to...
1-8 of 8 Results