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  1. Albemarle Sound
    Fished the pasquotank Sunday and caught a big fat zero. I have heard a few reports of schooling fish. Anybody having much luck? Hope to get out in the sound this weekend if it ain't too windy.
  2. Hunting / Game
    Hello I looking to get back to eating some geese this year!! Anyone know of a farm that has too many geese on it and the farmer would like to get rid of them!!!! Early season is here NOW!! Thanks could use a few parteners too
  3. Maine
    Hi, We are spending the week at my sister-out-law's family place at Goose Rocks, and I'd like any advice you can give me on where to get good (preferably GREAT) bait, where we might jig for mackerel, and where you are fishing. We'd probably go anywhere from OOB down to York or so to find a...
  4. Hunting / Game
    Very hard day to get birds to work. The birds wanted to be in the field to the east of us, wind kept changing directions, and the birds were very shy. A decoy was destroyed by a falling goose. The head broke off and the metal base was bent 90 degrees.
  5. Hunting / Game
    just wondering if anyone goose hunts I went out on the first and got skunked they just and flying good .but it is like that every where around here .no where near normal
1-5 of 6 Results