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  1. Rods And Custom Rod Building
    Hey evey one. I live up in Maine and mostly fish for trout/salmon (fly rod, spin, and trolling). Recently got in to fishing for stripers last year when they come up the kennebec river. I just got a St. Croix 9foot surf cast rod MMF. Penn 6000 reel with 30lb braid for my birthday. Is this gonna...
  2. Massachusetts
    ok so me and my friend r gonna go to plum island or salisbury tommorow and this friday. need some advice. were probably gonna live eels and steel leaders. just wondering what to get. i got a nice combo with 25 lb test and some tackle. any ideas on what i shud get?
  3. Kayaking Stripers
    I'm a newbie striper fisher. My friends want to take me Kayak fishing but I only have a canoe. It's ok for bass fishing on fresh water how about for stripers? :adore:
  4. Massachusetts
    I stopped ice fishing last week and am wondering when the stripers usually start running??
  5. Hudson River
    with the temps hovering at a balmy 40 degrees i took some time today to jig up a few herring at one of my herring spots. got lucky and managed a big 2,i do have some frozen in freezer but fresh is the key. heard from some of my sources a few fish came up yesterday on clam and frozen bunker so...
  6. Hudson River
    True Grit will be on the water from Cornwall down to Croton Pt. look for her flying her Navy Jack. Give us a hollar we'll do the same. Maybe I'll even land a Hogchoker too .Anton NYC you in?
  7. Massachusetts
    tonight. I gotta good feeling.thumbsup.gif
  8. Rods And Custom Rod Building
    ive been wanting to try and build a rod for some time now...after seeing rickski with his new rod building goodies this past weekend i just couldnt supress the desire within any more. sunday afternoon, after a sleepless gathering weekend, i decided to go ahead and pick up everything needed to...
  9. Massachusetts
    I need to catch a striper im going crazy everyday I take a ride by a certain river and a wall just hoping to see a sign.Tell when please I cant :whistle:take it.
  10. Hudson River
    First stop on the tour is your home turf, and I plan on outfishin every one of Ya! Show up and prove me wrong! Go to the gatherings forum, If you can and would like to be point of contact and get the thing organized, with my help, start the thread. Saturday and Sunday May 3rd, 4th.
  11. Massachusetts
    a spot this weekend, I'm in the mood. Last year there was some decent bass at this spot.thumbsup.gif
  12. Massachusetts
    take two days off next weekend. The tide will be good, and hopefully things will have settled down from this storm.thumbsup.gif
  13. Surfcasting Central
    I'm wanting to pack light so think I'll bring the fly rod. :icon_stirthepot: Can't go without a back-up though, so I'll bring a pluggin stick. Couldbe fun,, I'm rather inexperienced with plugs at the moment. Maybe entertaining watching me do everything bass-akwards? :whistle: Have an "extra" 10...
  14. New York
    i put this up as i await the inevitable. fished 1/2 the tide tonight and the weather was not tolerable. 30+ knot winds and cold!!!! sent jim into anaphalactic shock. no fish and i do have an incredibly googinistic pic of a surfcaster in distress. will await his response before posting
  15. The Striper Forum
    their favorite spots this weekend. Are you guys going to use plugs are bait? I'm using plugs, like I always do. thumbsup.gif
  16. Massachusetts
    Looks like the rain here might hold off until afternoon, so I'm definately going out in the morning to extend my skunk streak to 10 trips in a row. I'm going to stop by the bait shop after work tonight and waste some more money on clams, maybe pick up some sand worms for tog while I'm there. I...
1-16 of 23 Results