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  1. Vendor Deals
    With the use of a new promo code, OtterBox is offering site-wide savings on everything in their store, which includes new and cleverly designed coolers, waterproof duffel bags, and other adevnture-ready gear as well as their tried-and-true smartphone cases. Read more over on
  2. Vendor Deals
    80% off all OHO Gear Bags!! Deal can be found here:
  3. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    My boat is out of the water 1 day and I am already thinking about buying new gear for next year! One of my pair of Ugly Stick - Okuma baitrunners crapped the bed after 6 years. Rod is probably repairable (1 guide) but the primary drag on the reel is shot and for $60 I got my money's worth...
  4. Surfcasting Central
    Any quick and easy ideas for carting around, literally, all the junk we need for a fishing trip? Even a short trip from the car can be a pain with a rod, cooler for bait and drinks and potential catch, bucket or chair(s) for a seat, a landing net(especially if fishing from a pier). I was...
  5. Ice Fishing Forum
    I picked up a couple on the inlines for this season.
  6. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    Hi and happy to find this forum I am new to surfcasting. Have a small rental cottage on the ocean side of outer Cape Cod (Wellfleet). Picked up some gear at a garage sale last summer and tried it out this July. Not such good results but what do you expect when you buy two rods and reels for...
  7. Cape Cod Canal
    Hi - I need to upgrade my surf casting rod this year and was planning to use it in the Canal. I'll be using stickbaits and topwater lures most of the time. Anyone have thoughts on the Okuma Cedros CSX-S-1102MH. Specs: -long for getting distance, 11 feet -light, weighs ~13 oz -line rating is...
  8. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Got a baitsaver tank I want to get rid of, it's the garbage can size with aerator. I have an unopened, unused scap net and several othe striper gear items. Might even sell a few of my poles. I have a few quality poles with baitrunner reels including a shimano baitrunner. PM if interstered
  9. Vendor Deals
    Offshore announcement !!! Fishermans Outfitters Catalog I would like to thank all of you out there for the amazing amount of customer support. After a banner year of expanding our customer base and a little bit of tweaking to get the lures and bars the way all of you like we were able to...
  10. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Mostly all entry lvl stuff. I have 1 11ft and one 10ft both have reels and line. The 11ft is a beefstick rod with a Aries as70 reel that I got from surf land about a year ago for $140. The 10ft one is a make spinning rod combo I got off basspro shop for $40. I have a bunch of surf fish finder...
  11. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Mine broke off in my handle while hooked up with a bonita and looking for a new one
  12. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    fishing the Hudson River this morning...landed a nice striper. turned out to be a great day...decided to move on at slack tide, boat starts, go to put it in gear and it stalls. I start up in nuetral, go to gear, stalls. now its stuck in gear and I cant get it to nuetral. its a 50hp Evinrude...
  13. Vendor Deals
    Introduction: Montauk Fishing Gear 646-397-FISH(3474) From:Long Island NY Years in business 3 Manfacturer/allied Manufacturer/Importer/Design and implementation, procurement of new products. Cerbus levelwinds and Conventional in Composite and CNC aluminum MTK lever drag MTK Trolling MTK...
  14. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    I have a 2005 Johnson 90 HP outboard engine in a center console boat. When I shift our of gear into neutral it is difficult to find right position for the shift lever. Is this an adjustment? How is this adjustment made?
  15. Hudson River
    going out for stripers this weekend...wanted to for many years but always chose turkey hunting. I fish the sound a lot and have 7-9 foot ugly sticks with Penn 4500- 7500 reels. I have liked braid , and have it one three rods.. i can buy just about any specific hooks rigging, and bait I need...
  16. Buy - Sell - Trade
    THis is going to be my first seaosn. my bud got a boat and he is only 14 so i need to know how to troll. Can anyone hook me up with a some boat stuff. i got 50 bucks. mainy i need a reel and line and lures. If SOmeone wants to hook me up with some surf gear. thatd be great.
  17. The Striper Forum
    anything out there like some sort of site for gear that is whole sale and has all major products? or good prices! thanks dudes
  18. New Member Introductions
    How's it going? I started fishing when I was 6 years old, but this is my first real season working the surf. I live on Long Island, fish the south shore, and so far, it's been a great season. While I haven't bagged a true cow this year, I do have a couple of keepers under my belt, as well as a...
  19. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    Hello all!!! I have a 1994 Bayliner Ciera 2855 with a 7.4l Merc. The problem is this. One day everything was fine doing 29-30 knots 4000 rpms. Next day 17-20 mph and could not even hit 3500 rpms. Changed plugs ,wires, fuel filter, coil. got to 20 mph and i could reach redline on the rpms which...
  20. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    So I just bought a new boat and the old owner left me 10 fishing rods. The reels are huge and look brand new. The listing says they are speed rods!! They look like boat rods to me. Keep in mind I am not a hardcore fisherman, but am looking to be!!! I was also left boxes of fishing gear that I...
1-20 of 64 Results