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  1. Rhode Island Fishing
    Curious if there would be any interest in an unofficial gathering of S247 surfcasting peeps in Rhody this year. I'm thinking something like fishing Friday night, September 2nd, into Saturday, September 3rd. A meet and greet session,, maybe some grilling on Saturday. I have a location in mind...
  2. The Striper Forum
    this is a Jersey shore gathering on the weekend of thanksgiving. it is basically a gathering and although we will fish it. it's just to honor a member who will be home that weekend and if there are enough guys willing to attend i',m sure it would be appreciated as there may not be a killer bite...
  3. Canada
    June 24,25 & 26. Full Moon ......High tides 23:30, 00:07 & 00:58 WTF....perfect!!! Anyone who wants to fish The Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia PM me or reply. Thanks Wild Dave
  4. Striper247 Events
    may 15th "sat nite" (rain date is fri nite 14th). i will know by mid week if that's the case. will be the 2nd 2010 gathering on staten island.... those of you who wish to catch some fish and laugh your ass off are welcome. those who didn't catch fish last outing better make it this time...
  5. Surfcasting Central
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  6. Maine
    Already been in talks with some of the local yokuls and a few visiting from out of town (check your PM's) this weekend, but it's quickly turning into a mini-gathering in Old Orchard Beach this Saturday and Sunday. Times to be determined depending on the weather (which usually wouldnt matter but...
  7. Boaters Forum
    Anyone interested in a boat gathering in the Point Judith Area? Lots of potential for something here. Good area, acess to Block, Narr., :icon_stirthepot::a_goodjob:
  8. Rhode Island Fishing
    If you have not yet seen the post in the Gatherings/event forum, you might miss out on something you really want to be at. Memorial Day weekend, in conjunction with; Stripercoast Surfcasters Blackstone Valley Watershed Council Stripers Forever The usual Gathering events, along with the...
  9. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    so i am from rhode island and am wondering if any of you guys meet up for fiashing or have like gatherings lol where u all just meet other members and stuff?? trying to make friends
  10. Maine
    Fun weekend. Just got home to Portland a few minutes ago. Glad to meet everyone and I learned quite a bit. Thanks especially to Jim, Gunnie, and Jacob. Well it was windy and rainy and the fishing wasn't easy but the food and company were both great! And I personally don't mind having to -really...
  11. Striper247 Events
    OK guys,,, here's a thread to post up photos taken at the Rhodie Gathering. My wife took a few...
  12. Rhode Island Fishing
    If you are on the fence, jump off! If you think you might like to come, be here! The waters of Rhode Island are on fire with fish and bait. The best thing about the situation is the timing. By the time the Gathering happens, the near shore waters will be warming and the fish will be just as...
  13. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Any of you folks showing up? I need an Email. [email protected]
  14. Hudson River
    Any of you folks gonna show up? email me. [email protected]
  15. The Striper Forum
    Hudson Gathering May third and 4th who's in. How many people might be attending with you?
  16. Hudson River
    I was wondering if there are any other kayakers out there who fish the upper Hudson (I saw at least one other post). I am looking to bring the yak to the Hudson River Gathering in May. Any one else from the plastic navy on board?
  17. Striper247 Events
    Let the planning begin! So far here goes; Hudson River Saturday May 3rd, spring tides, and new Moon. Who wants to start organizing? points will be awarded for doing so, also some special consideration for the plug bag. Next stop Jamestown Rhode Island, Saturday May 17th. Ft. Getty is wide...
  18. Striper247 Events
    as you all know i am king of the skates lord of the googins and master of the skunk! baron of bunkah, prince of pogies and duke of deathwarmedover cold rain and misery!, bearer of frostbite, conveyor of agony, and peer of windswept horror! with that said, i plot the dates as only i can and the...
  19. Cape Cod Canal
    Where's my cape guy's? June 6/7/8. Tides/ moon all look to be best bet. Thanks Whip! P.M. with the weekend that you would fish if it was the only time you could go all year? I will edit this post when the info is in.
  20. Striper247 Events
    i was asked to post up a pic of my canal bike and being a couple of months prior to the gathering,if anybody is interested here it is. like i said before , nothin fancy but functional.if you can get a bike with the cutaway in front of the seat rather than a stright bar it makes it easier to get...
1-20 of 31 Results