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  1. The Striper Forum
    Hi guys, Please take a moment to read the below letter from Dean Clark of Stripers Forever regarding this very important issue. If you are concerned about the future of striped bass fishing, and can make it to Boston on the 28th, we NEED you to step up and put action behind your convictions...
  2. Striped Bass Fishery Conservation/Politics/News
    Recreational sector generates six times the jobs, 12 times the sales of commercial industry RALEIGH, NC - North Carolina has the opportunity to increase the economic impact of fishery management to the entire state with a single bill - H.B. 353, a bill to make striped bass, red drum and...
  3. Carolina Coast - Hatteras - OBX
    Jeffrey Weeks North Carolina can make powerful strides in its fisheries management if a new bill is passed granting much-needed gamefish status to red drum, speckled trout and striped bass. Although these species make up less than 2% of the state's commercial harvest their value to the...
  4. The Striper Forum
    I have started a facebook group called "Make Striped Bass a Gamefish". If you'd like to join let me know what your facebook name is and I'll send you an invite. Check it out and join in the discussions :a_goodjob:
  5. Striped Bass Fishery Conservation/Politics/News
    Well guys this is a very important day for all striper fishing as this bill not only effects the Mass fishing , but since these great fish migrate up & down the coast will effect the stripers in many states...We on the west coast sent many letters to politicians in Mass explaining how we travel...
  6. Stripers Forever
    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT JAN. 14 2009 - LEGISLATORS WORKING WITH STRIPERS FOREVER HAVE FILED GAME FISH LEGISLATION IN THIS SESSION OF THE MA LEGISLATURE To our knowledge this is the first time in the history of the Commonwealth that such a Bill has been initiated. If passed, this will be a...
  7. The Striper Forum
    i read on another site that stripers now have new gamefish status. is this true &how can i find out more? the site was nc waterman one person made mention of it and nowone else nows any thing of it.
  8. Stripers Forever
    Southwick Study Data Makes Strong Case for Striper Gamefish Status Managing wild saltwater fish as gamefish for recreational/personal use while replacing commercial harvest with farm-raised fish makes economic sense. Though striped bass have gamefish status in 6 of 13 coastal states from Maine...
1-8 of 8 Results