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  1. The Striper Forum
    which is better? Frozen: fresh bait frozen, then vacuum packed and frozen; when use, cut open vacuum package and thaw slowly; salted: fresh bait salt cured with non-iodized salt; freeze in package to prevent freezer burn
  2. Hudson River
    I fish the upper Hudson in the Albany, N.Y.When catching herring I freeze them to use on my next fishing trip. They never seem to be as effective as the fresh herring. I am wondering if one was to salt the herring instead of freezing them, would they work better?
  3. Delaware River
    Hey guys, gonna do some fishing from the front yard tomorrow and never used clams, just some opinions if i should use fresh or frozen clams. Also I read that the small rubber bands are best for keeping them on the hooks? Any input would be greatly appreciated!:flyfish:
  4. New Jersey
    fished under highlands bridge 12/26 only bait i could find frozen clams. nothin going on no hits .got a 30in bass 12/10 same spot hour after high tide.:flyfish:
  5. Hudson River
    Not having much success jigging herring from the riverbank so far. The herring I got from a local shop is real mushy when it thaws out. The stuff keeps peeling right off my hook when i cast. Anybody have a trick for keeping soft bait on the hook? I figure I'll try to tie it on with some...
  6. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    What do you think the best way to cut and prepare frozen mackerel chunks on circle hooks? It might sound like a stupid question but hey. It seems some people say to fillet it, use tapered strips and let them dangle from the tapered end and some say to cut them up vertically and run the hook...
  7. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I had a bucket of clams last year that got put up in the freezer after an outing that proved to be my last. I have a chance to spend an hour around Salem Harbor tonight ( a rare occurance) and wanted to try for a fish. Can I use these or do they get "burnt" and un-apatizing to the stripers? How...
  8. Massachusetts
    Just returned from norwich the rivers and marina are frozen solid couldn't even wet a line.Time for a little vaca from fishing.I'm gonna go crazy wish i had icefishing gear.
  9. The Striper Forum
    I have heard all the hype about using live pogies, and eels,as well as other bait fish, but is the frozen stuff just as good. being as I am an amatuer in the striper game, I am not as able to snag a few live pogies, or other bait fish. Will the frozen pogies work the same? and how would one...
  10. Massachusetts
    I was in the Keys fishing for snapper last week and they were using frozen chum blocks of menhaden oil/chunks. I thought it would be perfect for striper fishing and the guys told me it comes from "up north". I've never seen is available in any of the tackle shops I visit in the Boston area...
  11. California Aqueduct
    Well guys caught another one this one is 6.25 lbs and 24 inches long.thumbsup.gif My wife was :angryfire: at me, so I went to the duct. So I freezed it when I got home and my wife took the picture today! Well here's my story, I left the house about 5:30 pm and got to the aqueduct and started...
  12. The Striper Forum
    anyone have a place who will ship frozen macs?
1-12 of 12 Results