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  1. Hudson River
    My dad is gonna go Thursday considering it'll be the best day with wind and lack of rain conditions. Problem is its gonna get cold wed night. What do you think the bite will be like? Thanks guys weird season for us so far
  2. Hudson River
    In case the gentleman in the center console that was in front of the poestenkill yesterday afternoon is on this site. Excuse me for the frustration man, but drifting though the number one bait spot as well as one of the most popular shore spots in the area is not the best idea. Hence you being...
  3. Hudson River
    With the cold front approaching I was wondering what the effect it will have on the fishing once the cold settles in say mom tues thnx
  4. The Sports Bar
    Top 10 Major League Baseball Free Agents: 2010-11 Offseason 1. Cliff Lee, LHP Age: 32 2010 teams: Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers 2010 stats: 12-9, 3.18 ERAm 185 Ks, 212.1 IP, 195 hits 2. Carl Crawford, OF Age: 29 2010 team: Tampa Bay Rays 2010 stats: .307, 19 HR, 90 RBI, 47 SB 3. Victor...
  5. New Jersey
    The Monmouth County NJ beaches have finally come alive the last few days, I was out last night and had all the blues I could stand till dark fell, and was back down today to find a steady pick of blues and bass between the Shark River inlet and the Manasquan inlet, probably 25 fish for the day...
1-5 of 6 Results