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    Hey guys, Im looking for an old ford truck, needs to be 4 wheel drive. Can be old and beat up just needs to run, an old ranger, f150, f250 even a bronco or bronco 2. stick or auto doesnt matter much cab and a half would be awesome but will settle for a regular cab. If you have any farms or...
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    Im looking for a ford F150, open to some other trucks too tho, ideally a 97-03 model, or newer possibly extended cab or crew cab, no regular cab please I look on craigslist and auto trader alot, if you have a truck for sale please pm me im interested Thanks Ryan
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    Ok, so Its time to grow up and get something that my kids, girlfriend and dogs can fit into. This is a 1990 F150 XLT. Dual tanks, Cruise Control, Power Windows, Power locks, I'll even throw in the rack in my picture. Blue Book value ranges from 2500-3500, I'm asking 2995/OBO. The truck is...
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    So the ole F-150, a 2000 4X4 Supercab Lariat started develoing a whine outta the rear end a few weeks back. My ear is not quite good enough to know exactly from where. Took it in to Portsmouth Ford to have them check it out, tells me it'll cost $95.47 for them to daignose the problem. A couple...
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    Geezum crow....I just heard Ford won tha Nascah championship again. Wow. First On Race Day
1-6 of 6 Results