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  1. North Carolina - Interior
    Heres a picture of a nice 25 inch lake wateree(somewhere in the fog) fish on 12-6-08
  2. Massachusetts
    Is an understatement to what I experienced yesterday!......OMG it was unbelievable..........I can usually see MUCH better at night w/o a light! NOAA called for visibility 1nm or less.....I should have focused on the LESS! Anyway........flat calm conditions out of Plymouth at 4:00...
  3. Massachusetts
    My son and I were going to go out with a friend of his fishing this morning on our boat, the kid has never been fishing so I was looking forward to taking him with us. I was suppose to meet Brigs down at my local dock and he was going to follow us out hunting for big bass. The fog is brutal this...
1-3 of 3 Results