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  1. The Striper Forum
    Thinking im gona spool up my surfcasting combo with BPS XPS fluorocarbon line. I have the idea that the totall invisibility of fluoro will be advantageous for fishing lures like rattlebaits and slug-gos. I would probably use it for bait to. The highest #test that the BPS brand offers is 25. I...
  2. Vendor Deals
    Trik Fish Fluorocarbon 25yd Bracelets 20# $6.99 25# $7.99 30# $8.99 40# $9.49 50# $9.99 60# $13.99 80# $17.99 100# $22.99 Here's a link directly to my site for ordering, or shoot me a PM or call the shop if you have any questions. 631.225.8862...
  3. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    I do alot of stripper fishing out of a kayak. I just got a new setup and was wondering what i should run for line. so i go with the 14lb monofilament or 12lb fluorocarbon. we catch anywere from 20" schoolies to 40"s.
  4. The Striper Forum
    Has anyone tried Gamma fluorocarbon for leaders. They are saying it's good stuff if using superlines or braids do to its added forgiveness. Don't know just curious
1-4 of 5 Results