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  1. The Striper Forum
    Hey guy thinking about using a fluke with a weighted head at Indiana river inlet, how should I retrieve my cast
  2. Buy - Sell - Trade
    sold....fluke rigs for sale Selling Fluke Rigs. Total of 22 Rigs & fluke hooks 2/0 and 4/0. Asking 20.00 free ship. If you're interested your welcome to email me [email protected] or PM me here on this form. Thanks Jim NJ
  3. Boaters Forum
    HI I have a small Grumman 16 footer with a 10hp. Im looking to go crabbing and do some fluke striper fishing . Can someone please recommend a good place to launch and fish from around the Navesink River or anywhere within 30-40 minutes of this area. Having trouble finding somewhere to launch...
  4. New Jersey
    There was a mammoth doormat caught yesterday on the Party Boat ElaineB. It was 33" and over 14.5 lbs.
  5. Blogs
    New blog article: Casting for Fluke
  6. New Jersey
    Got good availability this week of the holiday....the a.m. trips on weekdays we will be after the Stripers as long as they are still there, then switch to Fluke. also can target deepwater fluke & sea bass on the fri and sun trips. here is the available dates and times. Tues July...
  7. Saltwater Species
    I purchased this spoon about 10 years ago at this local tackle shop and they closed down, about 5 years ago. I've been searching for these where ever I go and I just cannot possibly find them anywhere... I used to use them for fluke when the current was just raging!! I try not to use more than 6...
  8. Saltwater Species
    I caught this 3yrs ago. I finally got the pic. Decent Fluke. My best anyway.
  9. Saltwater Species
    I myeswell get to the point of why I am here.I tie jigs and teasers.They have all caught lots of fluke.Seems like the other jig forums are more interested in panfish jigs.Don't get me wrong,I like tying them also,but I don't get any real input or critisism to make me better there.That's why I'm...
  10. Saltwater Species
    New to the site.Hello there.I'm a fluke fanatic.Own a 19' Sea Nymph CC-191.Do a bunch of fluke fishing in New Jersey.I'm out of upstate Pa.I tie a mean bucktail and can hang with the best.Have a three day fluke trip coming up on the 23 thru 25 this month.Should be some fantastic pics coming your...
  11. Striper Guides & Charters
    Got a few open days this week to fill. Fishing Sea Bass & Fluke from* 6* a.m to 1 pm*Cost is 120.00 per person plus tip for deckhand Sun 7/15....Open orCharter Mon 7/16...Open or Charter Tues 7/17...Open Boat...Trip is Full Wed 7/18...Open Boat...4 Spots Open Sat 7/21....Open Boat or Charter...
  12. The Striper Forum
    Worked the reefs last week for the beginning of my charter season with pretty decent results. The tube & spoon bite is still a little ify with one day being decent and the next being very tough. However, the bass fishing with live scup has been steady everywhere in the Niantic area. Got my son...
  13. Saltwater Species
    Anybody had any luck?
  14. The Striper Forum
    Hi all, I am new to fishing S.I. and going to be getting out there soon and was wondering if anyone has been out yet. I am thinking of trying the sharrott ave pier....anyone have any helpful info on that pier?
  15. Maine
    In the York area? No spot Burn There is a back bay I thought I'd try. There is a differant type of bridge.
  16. The Striper Forum
    Yesterday I gut hooked a fluke he was 15inches the guy next to me told me he will die even if i throw it back... to keep it and use it for bait... It actually swallowed a 5/0 hook, and hooked itself....I got the hook out(I read yesterday that your suppose to cut the line, but the hook was taking...
  17. Saltwater Species
    Hey guys, whats up, I'm new to here. I just wanted to share something that I tried out that works, and as far as I know of, know one else uses. Sorry if this is some old method. I was fishing off of Ocean Breeze pier in Staten Island, using spearing and squid. I had been there for a while, and...
  18. Saltwater Species
    Just read an article about how the DEP has not approved the new fluke regulations for NJ yet. Usually after the regulations are set the DEP approves it within a couple of days. The RFA-NJ has sent a letter to Gov. Christie requesting immediate action to the new regulations. The supposed opening...
1-20 of 60 Results