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  1. Hudson River
    Just wondering some ways to get chunks to float off bottom while shore fishing
  2. Buy - Sell - Trade
    hi everyone - haven't been on here in a while. Trying to get rid of some extra gear I have sitting in the garage. I will post a few things. I'm looking to get rid of my like-new condition floating bait pen/cage that is 4 feet deep by about 4 feet across. It has a door on the top to load and...
  3. Hudson River
    Does anyone have any pics of a floating bait tank? I've heard of some being made from large plastic tubs with pool noodles zip tied around the rim but would like to see a pic or two. [email protected]
  4. Hudson River
    Anybody ever floated a live herring under a bobber/balloon? Was thinking during low light or at night it might be a pretty good presentation. Just can't see putting the herring more than a couple ft down because you wouldn't be able to cast it. Where I fish we'd get there at 4-5am and never got...
  5. Boating Beginners
    Anyone know how to build a floating light to draw in Squid at night. 12volt would be nice as it will plug into a power outlet on the boat. Bay :gob_icon_cheers:
  6. Maine
    what's up Mainah's! I've read a few threads now that talk about floating worms or chunk off of the bottom as a good method for a) catching fish and b) keeping the crabs at bay. I've used the "typical" bottom rig with some luck but also find myself fighting the crabs and other bait stealers more...
  7. Hudson River
    ive got a nice little striper spot for surfcasting, but its right at some pretty gnarly whitewater. While I can cast well beyond it I wanted to try to get some herring. Do you think I could put a small weight on the end of a sabiki and a bobber about 1' up from the swivel and float the sabiki...
1-7 of 8 Results