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  1. Vendor Deals
    On the 3rd day of Christmas, can you say jigs? All you need to get into jigging or a great addition to ones existing arsenal. An assortment of Shimano Flat Side Jigs, Split rings, Solid rings, Additional Assist hooks, split ring pliers all housed in a Flat Side storage bag. A super deal at...
  2. The Striper Forum
    can someone tell me what's a flat of whatever because i keep seeing it around
  3. Massachusetts
    I was wondering where I could buy a flat of mackerel in massachusetts have not found anywhere yet (capecod) if anyone knows where I could buy a flat of mackerel that would be great
  4. Massachusetts
    whos got the know-ah-whats when it comes to flounder fishing in the vast boston harbor like tecniques and when the water would be warm enough
  5. Delaware River
    . ..................
  6. Plugs and Plug Building
    I picked up a t-55 flat fish, shes kinda lite, so im gonna load her up, balanced front and rear and then put a single hook with some bucktail on her ass, i'll tell ya how she works. Any one ever try loading a flat fish, im gonna bring her to about 4-5oz
  7. Hudson River
    Do you guys think that a fourteen foot jonboat would be sufficient for the river providing there's no stormy weather and it's not too windy out? How do you think the flat bottom would fare?
  8. Massachusetts
    Friday my grandson and I ventured to the Flats area, we have ben trolling and fishing the mouth of the merrimack quite a bit producing a lot of schoolies and keepers to 32" range. but in the flats on friday we got into some big fish, he landed a 40" 21lb fish.being 11 years old and getting no...
  9. Massachusetts
    Hey everyone I was wondering if amyone here has ever fished the flatrocks in Mahgnolia? I've only been there twice but havent had any luck and hear that some big stripers come outta there. If anyone would be willing to let me know how you fish this spot it would be greatly appreciated. Do you...
1-9 of 9 Results