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  1. The Striper Forum
    Hello I am new to this forum but I thought I would share my experience I had on a recent fishing charter I was on this past Saturday. I have been fishing my entire life. I have been as far south as Turks and Caicos and as far north as northern Quebec Canada and everywhere in between. I went out...
  2. Buy - Sell - Trade
    04/15/08 Boat & Motor $13,710.00 04/15/08 Trailer $1,190.00 04/15/08 2 - Rod Holders $88.45 06/05/08 Bimini Top $432.22 09/03/09 Console Cover $518.40 04/22/13 Spare Tire $119.14 $16,058.21 Boat - Crestliner 1600 Fish Hawk SC Motor - Mercury 50 Trailer - Shoreland'r CRB221 Like New...
  3. Hudson River
    Thinking of heading toward Newburgh Sunday for a last ditch effort to get a fish. Eyeing Donahue Memorial Park for a day of shore fishing. Is this a decent place? Or might we be better off setting up somewhere else? Sorry, this is my first season and not super familiar with the area's...
  4. Hudson River
    Going out Thursday afternoon and looking for any advice this will be my first time out. I've been working on the rondout for the past year and finally decided to give it a try. Any tips are appreciated. I have downriggers and a bunch of stick baits rapalas, smithwicks etc. Is trolling more...
  5. The Striper Forum
    Any help would be appreciated looking for bass and strippers. Any helpful location? Looking to launch bass boat at elk river state park
  6. The Striper Forum
    Read more about the 5 Great All-Purpose Fresh Water Fishing Rods.
  7. Hudson River
    Howdy everyone. New member here, this will be my first season going for Stripers on the hudson. Took a charter out of Kennebunkport Maine over the summer and got my first striper. Been hooked since. Looking forward to gearing up soon and getting out there in the spring. Anyway, as someone...
  8. Hudson River This is absolutely the best show to attend............I recommend it if you have time.
  9. New York
    Hey everyone, been reading the forums for quite a bit now but making my first post because I can't find the information I am looking for. Not new to fishing but new to surf casting and am trying to settle on the right rod for the type of fishing I will be doing. I am located in Westchester so I...
  10. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    Looks like the freshwater forum might be a little idle, but I wanted to see who out there is going after stripers in the rivers and creeks of this great nation. I am primarily a (black) bass kayak/canoe fisherman, but have on occasion pulled in a striper / hybrid...and it's always a blast...
  11. Albemarle Sound
    weather doesn't look too bad this weekend around Edenton. Going to try to get a keeper rock or too. Good luck to anyone that goes out. Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. The Striper Forum
    Share your action shots with us. I'll start. Here is a sluggo being removed from a 40" fish.
  13. Massachusetts
    Hello, how's the bite from shore right now? looking forward to getting down there. thanks
  14. Striper Guides & Charters
    We have open dates August 14-21 for both Inshore and offshore species sailing out of Pt. Pleasant NJ on our 30" Triton CC. We are rigged with the best equipment and tackle so join us! We are sailing for Tuna, Mahi, Fluke and of course Stripers when the run is on! Like Long Run Fishing Charters...
  15. Maine
    Hey guys, This is my first post in the forum, i have been reading threads in here for years but was hoping that i could pick your brains for some tips. I have done a little bit of surf casting off Cape Cod, but this year my family and I are spending a week camping at Sagadahoc Bay Campground...
  16. New Member Introductions
    Hi, im Amy. Im brand new to all fishing, fresh and saltwater. My fiancee is a good teacher, so Ive got casting down pretty good so far. We've caught a few schoolies so far, but nothing legal. Gotta be 28 inches to keep here in Maine. Cant wait to catch a keeper so I can try a taste. Im told...
  17. The Striper Forum
    I just purchased a Ranger 620FS and I'm wondering where and what bait tanks you have installed... Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
  18. Alabama Stripers
    Retired about a year ago and have been trying to figure out this striper fishing. I fish on Lake Martin (AL) and really enjoy this lake, although it is quite challenging. Although I prefer to fish with live bait, I've not figured out how, where and when to catch shad. Use black salties with...
  19. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    Hello. I am a saltwater fishing beginner. I am usually fishing on Robert Moses (Long Island) bay and open ocean from the shore. Here is what I have - 7' Penn Battle II with Penn Battle II 4000, 10' Penn Fierce with Penn Fierce 8000, 11' Tsunami TSTSS1102H with Penn Fierce 8000 and those which I...
  20. Maine
    How early in the season do my fellow fishermen and women usually hit the beaches in search of larger fish!
21-40 of 500 Results