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  1. Maine
    I fished with a gentleman name Jim and his wife tonight, he stopped by where I was losing tackle next to the rail trail on pine point tonight. He nicely showed me my way back to ferry beach. His wife joined us too. They where super friendly, sweet mom/dad couple. If you're on here or know how to...
  2. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    looking for a lund, alumnacraft, starweld type boat if anyone is selling any
  3. Connecticut
    River had a lot of trash floating down today. Caught live bait and could not locate any large fish. People were catching small (very ) small fish with one of the charters from the mouth on buck-tails.
  4. New York
    Caught & released a lot of nice fish including 2 in their 20's. All fish caught on bunker in the bay.
  5. Albemarle Sound
    Fished the Little River, with nothing to speak of. Saw lots of birds sitting, but did not mark much on the depth finder. Rode on slick water to the mouth of the Pasquotank. Did not see the first bird, but did mark quite a few fish on the depth finder at the mouth of the Ptank. Trolled for 30...
  6. Hudson River
    Dropped my new to me wellcraft 18' fisherman in the water Wednesday afternoon even though the weather was lousy. and just had to wet the lines. Caught a bunch of cats and eels but was rewarded with the fist of the season a nice little 27" schoolie on a herring head anchored in <Edit - a little...
  7. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    chucked some bucktail in the catskill creek for them pre spawn walleyes with my son for an hour no luck I'll thy again with a worm.Any ideas we don't know notten about walleye just wettin a line
  8. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
    IF SO , POST UP. we need info??????? we are heading out next week for STRIPERS, what do you recommend??? the DODO has never been there.:a_goodjob:
  9. Hudson River
    Was at catskill point all day from shore and all i got was a catfish, was fishing with bloodworms. Hopefully it gets better soon!
  10. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
    overall a bit slow for the stripers. cats can be caught at night. the large mouth can still be caught.
  11. Hudson River
    The water was between 51 and 54 the whole way, trolled around a while and marked some fish but didn't have any hits, the same with drifting. On the way out we noticed a gull eating at something, went over and saw it was a striper so I got it with the net. Weighed about 8lbs but it looked like...
  12. Hudson River
    me and a few friends, and also about 10 other guys fished the shores of Cornwall today, not one of us pulled in a striper. Anyone have a good idea when they will strat biting? Is it just a matter of time?
  13. Hudson River
    Since season opened March 16 I havn't had the time to go fish this productive area. Any reports on wet lines?
  14. The Wiper Room
    I just discovered this great forum. Heck, I just discovered the existence of wipers only a year or so ago! My first experience with wipers was on a fishing trip to Guist Creek Lake (just outside of Shelbyville, KY) on 12/28/06. I had no luck that day, but I saw a guy weigh in 2 beautiful...
  15. Surfcasting Central
  16. Massachusetts
    Cuz, I set all my drags with a spring scale, I set the lever drags at 1/4 the breaking strength of the line(or leader,the weakest link)at the strike setting, and all star drags and spinners at 1/3 the breaking strength,this way EVERYTHING is consistant, I back off all the drags after each...
  17. Hudson River
    Hey Guys, Was out today with the little guy we had 1 run very small nothing to call home about. I spoke to a couple of other guys they figure 2 more weeks till the Cows come up this way. This is a Great Forum. thanks...
1-17 of 18 Results