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  1. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Selling a Humminbird fish finder transducer model # XNT-9-DI-T very good shape nothing wrong with it. I sold the unit but guy didn'tneed the transducer. I'm asking 60.00 free ship also. PM me or email me at [email protected] only if you're very interested. Thanks. Picture is...
  2. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Selling a Humminbird fish finder transducer model # XNT-9-DI-Tvery good shape nothing wrong with it. I sold the unit but guy didn'tneed the transducer. I'm asking 60.00 free ship also. PM me or email me at [email protected] if you're very interested. Thanks. Picture is attached. If...
  3. Hudson River
    Anyone seen a black bag with a Garmin Echo DV fish finder? Left Friday 5/12 at Sleightsburgh Park Boat Launch, in Kingston on the Rondout? Left on the cement wall at the Boat Launch.
  4. New Jersey
    Hey all when using bunker chunks for surf fishing how small do you cut the bait up> and on what circle hook? Ill be using a fish finder rig with a 4oz weight
  5. Boaters Forum
    I own a small 15ft runabout. Not sure where to put the fish finder. Where you drive, or where you sit and fish. Been doing both drifting and anchored fishing. Likely going to do drift for awhile until I find the good spots.
  6. Hudson River
    I need some help with how to use a fish finder rig on the Hudson. I fish up by Albany and Troy. I have done a ton of research on here so I have a good idea of how it works but who would know better than you guys up here catching all the fish. Currently I am set up like this. Hook, 3-4 inch...
  7. New Jersey
    Well I got my fish finder today. Since I am basically starting from scratch I have alot of things to order. Therefore I did not get the little nice things like scotty mounts. That being said, I am pretty happy with how the install went. I made my own battery box from a ammo box I found on...
  8. Hudson River
    hello all! I fish from shore almost exclusively and have been using the fish finder rigs for bloods for years... recently I have been having some issues with tangles where the swivel meets the main line/leader/fishfinder with the leader twisted around the main line preventing the system to...
  9. Surfcasting Central
    Hello to all, new to the forum here. I went fishing the other night from 9:30 to 12:30 off the beach in Long Beach Island. Used a fish finder rig with 4 oz lead pyramid and hard clams. Conditions were perfect, harvest moon, 65 degrees (water prob around 70) and light wind. The surf was...
  10. The Striper Forum
    Fly & Light Tackle Fishing Trips Year Around Departure Sites Conveniently Located for Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington DC, & Virginia Half & Full Day Trips Now Available on the Upper & Middle Chesapeake Bay Full & Half Day Trips Available to Setup Your Electronics A Garmin 182C...
  11. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Hey all.I want to start using a sinker slide this season, as I'm sure I'm missin fish.I was checkin out the ones offered at causewaybait and tackle.Are some better than others?Don't know jack about them, and am not afraid to spend the $ for quality.Thanks
  12. Surfcasting Central
    How long a leader for bunker chunk off fishfinder? Fishing on Long Beach Island. Thanks.
  13. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    If you were buying bank sinkers what size would you buy? thanks
  14. Surfcasting Central
    how do you make fish finder rigs. and what is good hooks,leaders,ect.
  15. The Striper Forum
    Any inpute on using fish finder rigs? An old salt (70 years) from Jersey that fishes freshwater where I go sets his rigs up with a sliding sinker rig, and a float to keep the bait off the bottom. He says thats how he's always done it and that a fifty plus pounder he managed to beach even after...
  16. Striper Guides & Charters
    Tom Hughes Guide Service 410.744.2351 (NEW) Full Time 443.690.3164 Fly & Light Tackle Fishing Guide This post is an answer to chcman74 thread, but I didn't want it to get lost, because I've been receiving many questions on the correct way to set up a fish finder, plotter, GPS. This should...
  17. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    Does anyone have any suggestions for a small fishfinder for a pond boat, I would like to get one for my pond boat....thanks for the help.
  18. The Striper Forum
    I need to put a fish finder on my boat. Right now I'm leaning towards a less expensive ($150 range) eagle with a black and white screen...
  19. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    Hi All, The boat I bought has a Humminbird LCR400ID fish finder in it, but in tsting it it does not work. In about 20 feet of water I am ensuring the tranducer is in the down position and all is off in the boat and I get reaing so 350-400 feet...the reedings stay in that range when at no wale...
  20. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    does anyone know a good site to get parts for my Humminbird Matrix 17. I need a transducer and a Mount with the power cord. I forgot to take them off my old boat.
1-20 of 33 Results