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  1. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    Hello folks, I've got a 20 gal Creek Bank bait tank you can't get filters since the company went out of business what should I use for a filter. Thanks.
  2. Plugs and Plug Building
    Using and airbrush and Createx paint - do you think you could vent a spray booth through a dryer hose to a pipe filled with something like aquarium filter charcoal and let that vent out into the room or would you just poison yourself and the house? I am thinking about a pipe the same diameter...
  3. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    I have a 1996 Merc 150 efi outboard with 550 hours on it. This season I have probably used about 150 gallons of gas including 5 or so trips with constant running of the motor for 6+ hours at a time. today was no different with a trip from plymouth to the SW corner and back. luckily everything...
1-3 of 3 Results