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  1. The Sports Bar
    ....while doing radio appearance...
  2. The Sports Bar
    Real time thoughts? Cummo vs. Stevenson......another crappy decision fight.
  3. The Sports Bar
    Not surprised that Kenny Florian got rubbled. I saw that coming a mile away. He's fighting in the wrong weight class. Now in the next fight, I think the judges were swallowing 'ludes or on opiates. Trying to tell me that Forrest Griffin won the fight when his face a bloody mess. Bonnar CLEARLY...
  4. The Sports Bar
    Who is the most overrated/underrated fighter out there? I should put together a poll, but the last boxing poll had only 5 votes for pound for pound. :lol:
  5. The Sports Bar
    The Ultimate Fighting Championship? and Spike TV? have assembled 16 athletes from across North America to determine who has what it takes to earn a UFC contract in The Ultimate Fighter? , a new and exciting reality-based television series. The original series, hosted by top recording artist and...
1-5 of 5 Results