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  1. New York
    I am wondering if anyone has any luck of the shore at Orchard Beach. I went yesterday fished clams and got nothing. I fished the end all the way to the left off the rocks. If any one has had any luck or has any feedback about this area plz let me know.
  2. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Bought 2 in May. Seemed like a hell of a deal. Have only used one 6-7 times. Broken. Anyone had any experience with this reel or any other made by Tica? Spoke with Tica, they are going to fix it but the shipping is on me! :blackeyerub:
  3. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    Found a great deal on 2. Bought them. Used 1 reel 6-7 times. Broken! Spoke to Tica and they will fix it. Seems like a decent reel, good feel and castability. The reviews I read on the reel before the purchase were mostly good. Just wondering if anyone here has had any experience with this reel...
  4. Tackle Evaluation & Product review
    Anyone have/used a Shimano Baitrunner? If so are they smooth and hows their strength and durability?
  5. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    does anybody have expirience with them and are they a good overall surf rod...any help will be appriciated..thanks
1-5 of 6 Results