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  1. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Help, I bought a used Cape fear rod at a flea market for 45.00. All that it says on it is, Cape Fear 9935b with a lighthouse on its logo. No other info is on the rod. It seems to be a heavy action with roller guides, its black lacquer with yellow and red wrappings. It is one piece 6'8" with a...
  2. Hunting / Game
    The Duckmen..... Check out this movie trailer especially at the end when they cut the wing and head off the mallard, BADASS!!!!
  3. Florida Stripers and Hybrids
    Cape Fear, NC to Sullivans Island, SC. (a) A line drawn from the southernmost extremity to Cape Fear to latitude 33°49.5' N. longitude 78°03.7' W. (Cape Fear River Entrance Lighted Bell Buoy "2CF"); thence to Oak Island Light. (b) A line drawn from the southernmost extremity of Bird Island at...
  4. Carolina Coast - Hatteras - OBX
    Tourney raises striper issues The Cape Fear River's striper population is precarious. While biologists have stocked hundreds of thousands of stripers into the river, there is no evidence the introduced fish are spawning successfully. Although striped bass anglers have been happy with their...
  5. Striper Guides & Charters
    Its summer time in the Cape Fear Area of N.C. and fishing is heating up, I am Capt. Mike Dennis the Cape Fear Guide I have been catching large flounders 6 1/2lb. up to 8 lb.+ the charters have been having a blast ! Off shore action the dolphin have been in the 30 mile range with multiple hook...
  6. Carolina Coast - Hatteras - OBX
    Cape Fear Netters, Striper Anglers Clash This story may be printed for free in any print or on-line publication. The tagline found at the end must accompany the story when printed. (PRWEB) February 17, 2005 -- A striped-bass rebuilding project by N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries biologists...
1-6 of 6 Results