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  1. The Sports Bar
    Reminder that Thursday games start tonight. Baltimore Ravens at Atlanta Falcons
  2. The Sports Bar Capt Skid is the winner of this years fantasy football challenge and the Lamiglas Surf King Congrats to skid. Crabber gave him a run for it and Jackbass fell out by missing a week. I missed a week and a half and i was entering the games. LOL...
  3. The Sports Bar
    redcrbbr took the prize last year - lets see who can grab the prizes this year. Im contemplating using fanball for our league this year but i have installed a data base fantasy board here. We can Live draft or Autodraft Player The tide...
  4. The Sports Bar
    It is unbeleivable what these guys can do with their body's
  5. The Sports Bar
    Jim, you gonna do the FF thing this year? I hope so. To everyone, check it out, it's a BLAST!:yourock:
  6. The Sports Bar
    We could use the support. Sign up until after Monday night week 2. We need some more players. All the Bugs are fixed. Opening day Thursday evening September 6. Weekly pic em put in your scores weekly and compete. Likely a prize at years end. :wink1:
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  8. The Striper Forum
  9. The Sports Bar
    Yahoo Fantasy football Football '07 The #1 FREE Fantasy Football game Join a League League name is Tide Warriors To register (ID# 94366) password is lunker. 12 Teams same settings as last year. For this league the live draft is 7:30 PM...
  10. The Sports Bar
    Come on Biggie - get over there and start kicking a little butt - we're out of time !!
  11. The Sports Bar
    So Yahoo scores you by how many columns you lead in, not overall hitting and wins. How queer is that? So you can outhit and outwin somebody by 4 times, and still lose! th_sm19.gif Completely ghey. So in Yahoo, you can lose to .ERA and batting average, even if you blow the doors of someone in...
  12. The Sports Bar
    Are almost here - we really need the draft order set so we can begin planning! Is it possible to trade up or down in these leagues ??
  13. The Sports Bar This is gonna be one hell of a competitive league. There are 30 something sign ups already . Were still 3 weeks from opening day. I guess you guys wont mind second place. cigar.gif Clinton Portis (injured shoulder not expected back for the opener)...
  14. The Sports Bar
    The 2006 Fantasy Football games are upon us. For those who havent received an email. To enter just pick a score of a game and your member name will be entered. Once the season starts (First game is Thursday September 8th) enter your winning team and...
  15. The Sports Bar
    Fantasy Football 2006 season is here Same settings as last years Stripers 247 league. ID# is 125392 and the Password is stripers. Teams are set for 12 and live draft will be Sunday August 27 th at 3:15 PST and 6:15 East Click the free Join a league...
  16. The Sports Bar
    Fantasy Baseball is back. We have two leagues in Yahoo that have a live draft. Opening Day is April 2cd. Any one can sign up. First come first served. 12 Teams each league. You dont have to be present for the live draft just make sure you set your auto draft and make changes to your...
1-17 of 31 Results