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  1. Boaters Forum
    I'm in the Cape from June 26th - July 3rd. I have a 21' C.C. on a trailer but the place I'm staying doesn't have a big enough driveway for both vehicle and trailer....Does anyone know of a place I could keep it? Thanks! ~Mike
  2. Surfcasting Central
    I have read a few places that a water temp below forty degrees is generally not productive for surf fishing. Well, the water here is RI is still in the low thirties but I saw a report that the water in Falmouth is in the low forties. It's only an hour drive so I was hoping to get some opinions...
  3. The Striper Forum
    Going to be staying in Falmouth Ma and wanted to know of anyone who have fished any of the inlet ponds (Eel Pond, Waquoiut Bay etc) off Nantucket sound. Is it worth giving it a shot?
  4. Massachusetts
    Hoping to go striper fishing if the weather premits this weekend. Has anybody been getting keepers and wuts a good bait to use the time in the season?? eels clams herring
  5. Massachusetts
    Hi all, went out for my first trip of the year. Headed to Middle Ground, great shoal area of the Vineyrard, tons of boats but not many hookups. Trolled for a bit and hit some schoolie blues. It was fun, had some guys from work so at least we got something but I wanted stripers. I was using...
  6. Massachusetts
    Has there been any luck for stripers/blues in the Falmouth,MA area. Any luck around marthas Vineyard.
  7. Massachusetts
    Could anyone point me in the right direction of where a boat launch in falmouth/woods hole would be? I've never launched my boat there but am going to at the end of may early june, thanks in advance
  8. Massachusetts
    Anyone know where there's a spot to launch in Falmouth/Wood's hole area.
  9. Cape Cod Canal
    Last week I complained, this week I complement. After a bad experience with Eastman's I went over to Falmouth Bait & Tackle looking for a bait pen. They only had small ones. I ordered online. Today during our lovely rain storm I went in to get some Sabiki rigs thinking I might go out. The...
  10. Surfcasting Central
    I am looking to fish Menauhant beach in Falmouth Ma. this year. Does anyone out there have some info/experience on that area? I appreciate any feedback.
1-10 of 10 Results