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  1. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
  2. Hudson River
  3. Vendor Deals
    Guys, go to our Facebook page and enter to win a pair of Costa del Mar sunglasses. These are the Brine 580G sunglasses. Look for this picture on our Facebook. Captain Devin Swamp Stallion Fishing Adventures Visit my blog about Fishing in Louisiana for Speckled Trout and Redfish Visit our...
  4. The Striper Forum
    Since not much is going on I thought I'd drop in and share what's happening on the Facebook page! I am giving away a brand new Energizer All-in-One Battery Starter. This thing is awesome and has bailed me out more than once. I've looked like a total rock star in front of my girlfriend...
  5. Striper Guides & Charters
    Hey All! I want to direct you to check out Baymen Guide Services Facebook by Captain Dave Bitters. It is a great place for video clips, tips and pics about everything fishing. It would mean a lot if you could check it out and "like" it..... trying to get some exposure and build an existence on...
  6. New York
    JOIN MY GROUP New york striper fishing ‎73 MORE DAYS!!! until the striper season opens! but the fish will be here at the end of march when the water temp's get to around 46 degrees. so y wait. i will be on the water. but remember guys >>>catch an release only!!!<<<...
1-6 of 8 Results