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  1. Stripers on the Fly
    some recent ties
  2. Massachusetts
    Yellow eyes is my only friend. Decided to hit the Long Island Sound again. Fished for four hours straddling the mid day high. Plenty of bait visible, but nothing to agitate them except for my lures. Practically threw every lure I brought....swimmers, poppers, irons, and plastics. It seems...
  3. Buy - Sell - Trade
    I am new here and I am looking to buy Goo Goo Eye swimming plugs to Fish, even if they have a little wear on them. If you have any and are interested, please let me know. Thanks, JohnDeBen
  4. Stripers on the Fly
    use a comb and put it into a vise. put the eyes in between the tines. For a two-dot color eye use two different size finishing nails. Grind the points of the nails off so the nail has a blunt flat end. Dip the larger nail into a jar of paint of your choice and lightly dab top of dumbbell eye...
  5. Hunting / Game
    And keep your head low. Don't call much. They like what they see. My goose hunting starts in the late coastal season. I can't wait.
  6. Surfcasting Central
    Shsssh - don't tell everyone; SoCo has been getting hammered with Blues for better than a week now. I know how exciting that must be to some of you,,,,, ,,, but those with experience can well imagine what is being found on the bottom. :whistle: thumbsup.gif
  7. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Anybody know of a place online to buy lure eyes? I have some old one eyed Danny Plugs that I'd like to repair. Nothing locally for that sort of thing.
  8. The Wiper Room
    nu2 here, raced home to get an hour or so of river fishing in this evening after work, using my rooster tail as usual, hadn't caught anything with Storm shad yet..... This guy follows me down trail from parking lot, I'm casting from v leading into fast water upstream into pool, he's behing me...
1-8 of 11 Results