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  1. Hunting / Game
    As a complete hunting newbie, I was fortunate that Yamaha and the Whitetail Diaries crew invited me down to south Texas to show me the ropes, using the Yamaha Viking VI to move us around the big lease. This is the story of my first hunt, which I wrote for Check out the story I wrote...
  2. Blogs
    New blog article: Penn Rods Experience
  3. Hudson River
    I have been after these pesky stripers for 8 years and I have only boated 3 fish. I have put some time on the water thats for sure. I would like to start reaping the rewards of my time investment! I thought it may be helpful to put together some tips for the new angler so they can have an...
  4. Kayaking Stripers
    I just bought two Out Rovers for trolling from the yak. Has anyone here tried them? I am ordering some release clips but for now I am going to try to run the line through the snap on the Out Rover so I am not fighting the fish with the Out Rover on the line. Not sure how well it will work...
  5. The Striper Forum
    SRG14000F xxx.SRG14000F $ 299.99 41" Line Retrieve 20/350, 25/290, 30/220 Line Capacity 44 lbs Max Drag 6 Ball Bearings + 1 Roller Bearing 4.9:1 Gear Ratio 28.4oz 750SSm xxx.PENN750SSm$ 129.99 250/20 Line Capacity 4.6:1 Gear Ratio 25.5oz I own the 750 and I like the real, its simple, very...
  6. The Striper Forum
    I need a new set of neoprene waders I like the 5mm, my joints are shot so they kill me if I have thinner waders standing in cold water for a few hrs. These look decent and the price is not bad neither. Anyone have any experience with this model wader ? Cabelas Waders
  7. Stripers on the Fly
    I recently bought my first fly rod, a 5wt TFO pro 9' rod for trout and bass. I am trying to select a WF floating fly line that would be good for the action of this rod. I have read a lot about matching rod action and fly line. I am currently using a level line that came with my Pflueger reel...
  8. Massachusetts
    An old timer here at work was just telling me how good he used to do in the Westport river. Best advice always comes from those type of guys. Anybody here have experience there? Any recent fish reports or areas I should look for? I was in Westport on Saturday, thinking about buying a house...
  9. The Striper Forum
    i hope this is the right forum, just wanted to share my story i went to the bait shop tonight to pick up some mackeral and herring for chunking. I went down to a local beach that apparently has been carrying big fish lately, but after an hour or so, no fish. I decided to go to my favorite...
1-9 of 9 Results