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  1. Hudson River
    I do most of my fishing from shore so I am curious to know what type and size sinkers you guys are using. I usually use 3oz have 1,2 and 4's feel as if 1,2 not enough and 4 too much...
  2. Albemarle Sound
    Fished the pasquotank Sunday and caught a big fat zero. I have heard a few reports of schooling fish. Anybody having much luck? Hope to get out in the sound this weekend if it ain't too windy.
  3. Hudson River
    hello all! I fish from shore almost exclusively and have been using the fish finder rigs for bloods for years... recently I have been having some issues with tangles where the swivel meets the main line/leader/fishfinder with the leader twisted around the main line preventing the system to...
  4. Surfcasting Central
    I was thinking of making casting eggs this winter for the up comming season. I think that this is a great innovation although an oldie. how succesful have you been fishing using this set-up? what fly's and leader length have worked for you? what pound test leader do you use? I have used this...
  5. Plugs and Plug Building
    I like the idea of the casting egg with saltwater fly's for the surf. I was going to spin some to the shape of the freshwater bubble. Kinda like a long tear drop. can anyone help with some design parameters. I use this set-up to catch fussy freshwater trout when the are feeding on small fly's...
  6. Plugs and Plug Building
    Is this a bad idea? Rather than the pin, I put some hooks into my egg sinker mold. If I painted them and tied on bucktail or feather, am I wasting time trying to catch fish with them?
  7. Freshwater Tackle Box
    Does anyonse use egg sinkers instead of those sliding fishfinder deals or snaps and swivels? I figure they wouldn't be great in a current but .... just looking at some of my freshwater stuff and just curious.
  8. Commemorative Threads
    A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed as one problem was solved, a new one arose. Her mother took her to the...
  9. New Jersey
    anyone fishing the great egg harbor bay? i have been out a few times with no luck. been usuing clams and storm shads. anyone advice is welcomed.
  10. New Jersey
    Little Egg Inlet: Scott's Bait & Tackle (609-296-1300) Scottie says a few people are fishing on Collins Cove ice on Mullica River over weekend?some white perch being taken?other than that, there is no fishing interest whatsoever?season opens March 1 for stripers and winter flounder.
1-10 of 10 Results