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  1. Maine
    What works best for catching keepers? Mackerel? Plastic lures? Spinners? Shrimp? Eel? Sink bait or entice with something that looks live or IS live?
  2. Hudson River
    I do a lot of Great Lakes trolling for salmon and trout so it is what I am familiar with. Does anyone do any kind of trolling in the river with downriggers, flatlining, dipsy's, etc.? Spoons or stickbaits? I see only talk of live bait, which is what the charter we went on last year was doing...
  3. Hudson River
    Smaller bloodworms need a thinner hook and hook eye in order to thread them up over hook and onto line so you can fit enough on to make a decent sized bait-can anyone recommend a strong thinner wire hook suitable for the smaller bloodworms that seem to be what's available at most baitshops...
  4. The Striper Forum
    Hi, I would like to know what kind of bait you guys use to catch stripers and how effective is it. I heard eels and clams are good. Do you use the whole eel or do you cut up pieces? Also, what's the best spot to catch stripers in the PA/NJ area. Thank you and good luck :D .
1-4 of 4 Results