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  1. Hudson River
    Has anyone successfully fished eels in the river during the spring run? I know stripers love killing them everywhere else the rest of the year, I've just never heard anything about them being used in the river. I would love nothing more than turning those bait stealing, leader twisting, line...
  2. The Striper Forum
    Hello all, This might come off as shameless advertising but I can guarantee you this is original content and relevant. I have many more trips / videos planned for the summer. I hope you guys enjoy! Not sure how to embed the video. Sorry =( Everything was released and returned alive. This...
  3. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    I want to get into casting eels, I'll be casting them from shore, Mostly from the rock's. What would be a good combo for this. Rod length , casting oz's, Reel, and # mono. I don't like braid. Could be spinning or conventional, I cast conv very well . I can spend up to $250.00. Thank's.confused.gif
  4. Hudson River
    Anyone know where live eels can be purchased along the Hudson River? I'm in Dutchess county, but will travel to get them, if need be. Thanks
  5. Hudson River
    Does anyone use eels here during the spring run north of Newburgh? If so do you troll live herring vs stick baits, drift or bottom fish like live herring?
  6. Massachusetts
    Had a great night on the flats. Bass seemed holed up in one area, once we zeroed in we put six nice fish on the boat. No 40#er yet but great fishing!
  7. Delaware River
    So, ran into a school of eels today that were pretty big...16+ inches. Would you expect to see stripers chasing them or are they way too big?
  8. The Striper Forum
    Does anyknow of a tackle shop in the North Jersey area selling eels? True World in Bayonne, my usual source, has become unreliable in their supply. Thank you, swr47
  9. The Striper Forum
    I want to try using eels around where I fish(Annapolis area) and i would like to know how to go about this. location, rigs, time of year, anchored or drifting, etc.
  10. The Striper Forum
    Can anyone give me any direction as to where i may be able to catch Eels around the Fall River Ma,Somerset Ma,Swansea Ma area? I have tried trapping them north of the brightman street bridge with no luck. I have been using chunk pogies. I don't think my trap or bait is the problem. Any ideas...
  11. Blogs
    New blog article: Eels and the Endangered Species List. Here we go again.
  12. Massachusetts
    Trying to figure out what i am doing wrong. we hit joppa flats just before high tide. i had braided line to a swivel, then 36-48" of flourocarbon leader to a small circle hook. The hook wass passed through the jaw and out the nose. I mainly let out about 40 feet of line and paddled around...
  13. Maine
    Hi everyone, I am new to the site looking forward to a great season on the water. I do a little eel fishing, just thought I would throw it out there that I will have eels for sale at lower than baitshop prices throughout the summer starting at the end of this month. I may even be able to...
  14. Hudson River
    Hey ya'll. New to posting but have fished for stripers on the Hudson for several years now. I was wondering if anyone has used eels for stripers near Kingston and what type of luck they had. I use the bloods and chunk only and was wondering if anyone had any luck with eels? Is there even anyone...
  15. New York
    So, Staten Island has bunker everywhere... Im seeing schools of bunker crashing into my line with nothing chasing them most of the time.... What are the Bass eating??? Take a look at this article about the huge eel population in Staten Island...
  16. The Striper Forum
    Netting Tiny Eels and Big Profits Elvers are a hot commodity in Asia, where aquaculture farms grow them to adult size and sell them for sushi and other food. They are believed to spawn in the Sargasso Sea and drift on currents to Maine, where they make their way to fresh water and, from March...
  17. Hudson River
    Need the experts opinion on what rigs to fish at night in shallow water < 10 ft, also do you keep the eels on bottom or suspended. Does chunking use similar rigs, bottom or suspended. Thanks
  18. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Folks, Very new to surf fishing and really enjoying reading all the great posts from others. Should one use a sliding sinker when utilizing eels as a bait or is it better to use no sinker and just the eel? My confusion is when utilizing live bait if one or should not use a sliding sinker...
  19. Chesapeake Bay
    Hi! Anybody know a place to get live eels for bait in northern VA?
  20. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I have been fishing for a long time, mostly on the North Shore of Boston, from the shore. I primarily used artificials and chunk bait. I recently purchased a boat and have been going out in The Sound. I am drifting live eels and casting out some artificials while I wait. I can only get out...
1-20 of 116 Results