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  1. The Striper Forum
    My buddy chartered a boat out of cape map next weekend This will be are first time fishing on the east coast do most the charter boat have their own gear and supply popper or top water bait? Since I am from southern California fish fresh water Striper here but I am sure it not the same any...
  2. Boaters Forum
    Looks like it's going to be a bit nasty tomorrow with a stiff east wind. I suppose Fluke is out. Anyone think the East could spur a bass bite?
  3. Massachusetts
    Hey all, hope you had a good early season. Looking to book a charter later in summer/fall for some bass inshore. I've got 10 guys going. Any suggestions? I've had a hard time finding a boat to get 10 guys on. I haven't booked anything like this before so any info would help. We're open...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Been fishing for years! Absolutely love fishing for striped bass! I'm o the Nitrhumbeland straight, on the New-Brunswick side of the Gulf of St-Laurence! I would love to here from anyone with any questions, techniques, anything related to striper fishing! I don't have a boat, don't do surf...
  5. The Striper Forum
    Hello all, I have a group out of SF Bay planning our first trip to fish bass on the East Coast next Fall. We have only fished stripers in CA and are looking for advice as to timing and location for our trip. Trip length will probably be a week, and we are interested in moving around and...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello All! I'm excited to start really targeting stripers, I'm still young and have a lifetime in front of me to hone and learn! I've been bass fishing all summer long around Baltimore City Reservoirs, Liberty and Loch Raven. I've recently been trying to target striper from the Shore at...
  7. Tennessee Stripers and Wipers
    Hey, i'm new to the site and new to striper fishing, i am located in east tennessee i will mainly be fishing around fort loudoun, and cherokee dams, if anyone has any pointers for me that would be much apreciated. Anything such as best bait, time or locations, also know i do not have a boat so...
  8. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Want to Buy: Navionics Premium East SD card (Year 2006,2007, or 2008.) email: [email protected] Thanks Sean
  9. The Striper Forum
    I've been fishing the East River with a fly rod with limited success. I recently saw a video where someone argued strongly that in fast water, like the East River, Stripers, and I guess blues, will be on the bottom where the current is slower. I always thought stripers like very fast water, and...
  10. New York
    looking for some local options bass fishing this fall in the river from the boat for when the weather takes all the other options away.fished barn inlet for 30+years and new to this area.any sugestions on artificials used in the river(fin-ess/rons/hogy etc) colors,general areas that would be...
  11. Saltwater Licence Registry Links/Regulations/Laws
  12. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Hey guys, Im looking for an old ford truck, needs to be 4 wheel drive. Can be old and beat up just needs to run, an old ranger, f150, f250 even a bronco or bronco 2. stick or auto doesnt matter much cab and a half would be awesome but will settle for a regular cab. If you have any farms or...
  13. New York
    Got word the herring have arrived.
  14. The Wiper Room
    My buddy and I hit East Fork Lake in SW Ohio again the other day and caught some hybrids. Found birds working and motored over to them. The hybrids were just under the surface but showed themselves every once in awhile. We caught a couple on top water baits and caught one on a Flitterbait. I...
  15. Chesapeake Bay
    Were going to fish by boat Sunday 10/17 for stripers in the upper chease. we'll hit the susquhanna flats, then shoot over to the north east and elk river at turkey piont. How has the fishing been , casting or bottom fishing. any info appreciated.
  16. Tennessee Stripers and Wipers
    hello my name is holden and have been fishing norris lake in east tn since 1980"s. i cast plugs, downrig, fish live bait and troll & tight line live bait in jan. i am lucky since i live only 5 minutes from ramp on norris. i have read some of the posts and i see i am going to learn more about...
  17. The Sports Bar
    American League East Probably will have the three best records in baseball even though they play each other 18 times each. One of these teams don't make the playoffs. Which one will it be? Who's pitching is the weakest? Rays Yankees Redsox
  18. Boaters Forum
    I'm in the Cape from June 26th - July 3rd. I have a 21' C.C. on a trailer but the place I'm staying doesn't have a big enough driveway for both vehicle and trailer....Does anyone know of a place I could keep it? Thanks! ~Mike
  19. The Wiper Room
    Trolled Gizz 4 deep divers over 50 ft of water to catch 5 nice hybrids between my buddy and me. Here is one of them.
  20. Rhode Island Fishing
    is it worth a shot ?
1-20 of 55 Results