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  1. Diamond Valley Lake
    I cant feel more excited today than I will in nov. stripers at dv is looking promising. been a while since a made a report on dv , cause I been busy making plugs. life is getting good with striper fishing. dodoplugs
  2. Diamond Valley Lake
    i spent the last two days at d.v.l. chasing bass and striper boils. i,m really tired now, more details later.
  3. Diamond Valley Lake
    Saturday, July 17, 2010….limited to the FIRST 75 teams that sign up. Well Last Chance Bait & Tackle along with National Bass West are putting a night event together for FUN!!!!! Oh and a little bit of a payback. You will fish for fun and bring your biggest bass to the scales starting at 2...
  4. Diamond Valley Lake
    I KNOW its a bit slow on the striper side here at d.v.l., but when the up coming fall season and winter, them stripers will be on the chew again. i got some new deadlys (custom wrapped by S.B.I.). CHECK UM OUT! i have a few more coming when completed. got one made of a baby striper too. if...
  5. Diamond Valley Lake
    last chance tackle & national bass west combind forces to make the d.v.l. night tourney a great success. seen alot of familuar faces, and lots of great prizes to be had. b.b.q. was off the hook. here is a few videos.
  6. Diamond Valley Lake
    FELLAS , here is the latest news. megan at last chance tackle is putting together a bass tourney. thats right, where having a night time bass tourney at d.v.l. this should be great for all anglers who are intrested in l.m.b. and stripers. the lake has broken many new records this year, and we...
  7. Diamond Valley Lake
    ARE up and at it again. i come to find trouts all around the lake, including the other side. i tied on a b.b.z. and whamo!
  8. Diamond Valley Lake
    headed out to d.v.l. over the weekend, to do the usual run for stripers. during my regular pattern and my usual spots to fish for stripers , ive noticed bass beds are forming and the stripers are nowhere to be found. luckly , i brought my ultra light rod, and some crappie jigs. word has it, the...
  9. Diamond Valley Lake
    the lake is near spawning and the bass bite should go into full effect. last summer was pretty wild watching all the bass boils and the striper boils. there have been alot of changes with water conditions, ever since they reopened private boaters. the lake now is bieng fed by silverwood water...
  10. Diamond Valley Lake
    few weeks back, we headed to d.v.l. my friend was consistantly catching a few d.d. striper ever week. i had my shot at them, to only find my hard ware on my swimbait couldnt hold up to them bastards. heres a pic of my friends catch and a video.
  11. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
    MET UP WITH TACO, at d.v.l went searching for stripers, and metered some huge ones at the tower. long story short, THEY werent biting. i think the striper season, may be over. we ended up bass fishing. caught a few and released them all. heres a pic of fishtaco with the biggest catch of the day.
  12. Diamond Valley Lake
    Hello, I am new to Striper fishing and wanted to ask any fellow members if they can share any tips that I could use next time out at DVL (Diamond Valley Lake). I have been out there many times trying to hook up on one of these elusive fish using everything out of the box, Z-Plugs/Castaic Soft...
  13. Diamond Valley Lake
    i,ll let the video do the
  14. Diamond Valley Lake
    saturday, hell broke loose. sunday more pleasent to fish.
  15. Diamond Valley Lake
    heres a videos i would like to share . enjoy
  16. Diamond Valley Lake
    it was great today. got in with fishtaco and the rest of the gang , for some great l.m.b. and striper action , here at d.v.l.
  17. Diamond Valley Lake
    I've heard water is down and boats can't launch. Does anyone have any details on what might happen in the coming months?
  18. Diamond Valley Lake
    I was out on dvl this morning. It was slow. My friend got a 12lber. Everything slow down after 8am. So I started fishing for bass. I got hooked using jigs. I ended up geting 8 lmb today I left the lake by 11. Has anyone gone to puddingstone lately? I need some tips for crappie. I ve been out...
  19. Diamond Valley Lake
    Cold, Rain, And Wind Took The Sunshine Away From Us Today. We Trolled Our Striper Rigs In Deep Channels Of D.v.l. One Rod Gets Slammed Hard.........
  20. Diamond Valley Lake
    Great Trout Fishing From Shore. We Rented The Bass Boat To Work The Deep Channels For Stripers.
1-20 of 20 Results