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  1. Hudson River
    In case the gentleman in the center console that was in front of the poestenkill yesterday afternoon is on this site. Excuse me for the frustration man, but drifting though the number one bait spot as well as one of the most popular shore spots in the area is not the best idea. Hence you being...
  2. Hudson River
    I am an anchor fisherman,what would be the setup for drifting herring.TU
  3. Hudson River
    I rarely drift. And I don't catch a whole lot. For you guys who catch more than me (8 this year in the boat), do you catch more drifting or anchored? Or does it matter? Going tomorrow. And thereafter until the cottonwood flies. So, your advice would be appreciated.
  4. Hudson River
    Going to try drifting do you hook any differently when driftin g versus still fishing
  5. Hudson River
    Anyone want to offer up a little advice? I usually anchor up when I fish but I want to try drifting next time... I've never done it so any advice would be great...not even really sure on how to rig the rods up
  6. Hudson River
    Ive been boating only a couple years and have caught most of my fish anchored. I feel that when I drift I have to set my baitrunner drag too tight to keep line from peeling off, and I have to use a lot of weight to keep my depths correct. Is everyone using a drift sock? Does it slow you down...
  7. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    I know this has been a point of discussion, but I have caught my fish anchored out. I have been attempting to do the whole "drift fishing" thing this year, and I was wondering if you guys had any all-around pointers? I am using a fish finder rig, with the lead keeping it on the bottom (chunk...
  8. Hudson River
    So I launched last night and for first time I got a slip up in green island. I have a 13' whaler and usually have 3 people so I don't drift often because it's too easy to get tangled. This year I will be fishing with just one guy or sole so plan on trying it more often. Everyone I talked to...
  9. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Do you guys do more fishing/catchin anchored or drifting? I'm on a kayak and anchoring was a real PITA last year - almost dumped a few times and lost a few anchors that I could not dislodge. I've caught more fish drifting, I think, but it makes for much more paddling work. -AMB
  10. Saltwater Species
    Hey guys I have a question about Porgy behavior that I can’t seem to find anywhere online. Me and my friend are planning a porgy trip on our kayaks. We live on the shore and there is an extremely rocky area of the sound that we fish all time. Lately I’ve been jigging 1/4oz jigs with soft...
  11. Massachusetts
    New member to this fishing board and I'm glad I found it. I was brought into the fishing world via fly fishing (25 years Fresh & Saltwater) however now that I have my boat in saltwater, I want to learn more about fishing traditional artificials and with live Mackeral. I went out Sunday morning...
  12. Hudson River
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. My buddy and I have been drifting bloods in the newburgh area north and south of the beacon bridge for about three years. It has been very fun in mid may getting anywhere from 30-50 fish in the boat. None of which have been over the 25# mark. I read and see...
  13. Hudson River
    Just curious what length, tip speed, and power rod you prefer when you are drifting. Also, those of you that like to you use the bait clicker when you drift? Do you just adjust the clicker drag down fairly tight and let that take the brunt of an initial run, and then engage your...
  14. Boating Beginners
    I could swear I've seen some body (probably Roc) post that braided line isn't always so good for bait and fish finder rigs. I've never done much bait fishing using braid, but I do know the difference it makes for casting distance. Does anybody remember that thread? Does anybody have any...
  15. Hudson River
    I no sum guys here drift, with great sucess so basically i am just trying to get an idea of say the dept u drift, are u bouncin sinker on btm or right above, size of sinker if any whether or not u r drifting over schools that u c on finder or areas where u have caught fish b4. Is there a time...
  16. Chesapeake Bay
    I remember drifting eels years ago north of Pooles Island somewhere between Abby Point and Worton Point. What months are the correct times to do this. Where else in that area would be good for drifting eels or anything else. I typically fish the points around Bush River with artificial lures and...
  17. The Striper Forum
    Never done it and was wondering what kind of rigs do you guys use? What I was thinking was like a 3-way swivel with a sinker and floro leader with a circle hook?
1-17 of 17 Results