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  1. Hudson River
    I'm going to fish with herring for the first time on Saturday, does it work best to drift or anchor and drop the bait to the bottom? Thanks.
  2. Hudson River
    hey guys looking to get into the drifting bloodworms in early season. Don't really know to much, have seen the rigs seems easy enough. Just wondering are guys doing this out in the channel, deeper or shallower water or just drifting where you are marking fish. Or just looking for general tips or...
  3. Saltwater Species
    Hey guys I have a question about Porgy behavior that I can’t seem to find anywhere online. Me and my friend are planning a porgy trip on our kayaks. We live on the shore and there is an extremely rocky area of the sound that we fish all time. Lately I’ve been jigging 1/4oz jigs with soft...
  4. Connecticut
    I have been a long time striper hunter. Always from shore and mostly in the Boston / Northshore area. I am now residing in CT and last year purchased a boat. My question is when I'm out on the water for stripers. I usually will use live eels and chunk bunker. would it be more productive to...
  5. Hudson River
    Was wondering what most of you prefer, last year was my first year with my boat and exclusively anchoring, 90% of the boats I saw were also anchored. However, posts I have seen with people drifting had excellent results. Of the ten or so trips I had we only got 3 stripers. Looking for some...
  6. Stripers on the Fly
    Due to lack of work, I've made it my 2012 goal to catch my first striped bass on the fly, preferably in the Raritan river, in New Jersey, near where I live. I'm hoping to catch them on their spring spawning run, as I've heard that they do travel up the Raritan during their northward migration...
  7. Hudson River
    Guys I need some help. I would like to know the basic to drifting with live herring. I'm interested in do you perfer ff rigs or 3 way swivels. What sizes hooks do you use, how long of leader, what water depths, what size weight, is there a better time to drift like incoming or out goin. Are you...
  8. Boating Beginners
    Anyone have any diagrams of some different rig set ups with bucktails for drifting. I usually fish in Plum Gut and the drift is fast Anything helpful would be great ! Thanks
  9. Boating Beginners
    is it more effective to drift with bunker chunks or heads. or to ancor up? what is an effective chum for bay stripers? and can i chum while drifting or should i be ancored up? tks.
  10. Boaters Forum
    Anyone ever use one of those things to slow down a drift or does that make the bait presentation unnatural? Sometimes the drift in the mouth of the river where I fish can move at a pritty good clip. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with these. Maybe it would give me more time to fish...
  11. Massachusetts
    Just pm me I will be launching from swansea.. Must be familiar with the waters. And 20 bucks for gas... Get @ me before 9 i will be launching at ten fishing mostly the Bay. Maybe if we can find the bait we can snag sum pogies too..
  12. Instructional Videos & Utilities
    Re: Floats for drift fishing Here is a picture of the bulletBobber Planing along side. Here is what happened when it went Ziggy Zagging around a tree. The pictures were sent in to me by a Tennessee Striper guide that swears he has doubled his catch rate using them and he has been a...
  13. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    We've had some luck tightlining shad for stripers, but everyone else is using balloons for floats to keep their bait up off the bottom. My questions are: #1. Is fishing up off the bottom more productive? #2. How do they attach the balloons to their lines? I also noticed their balloons come...
  14. Massachusetts
    Trying to slow down to troll. 21ft I/O I have tried prop change, Idle is set cannot slow down. I am thinking about trying drift anchors. Anybody have any experience using?? I think I will try to small ones over the bow, starboard & port??
  15. The Striper Forum
    i've been needing one but haven't had an extar $30.00 to spend on one so i decided to make one. i bought a $6. polyester t-shirt from the dollar store, ran 12 guage steel wire through the bottom seam to hold it open, then sewed the sleeves shut with fishing line and apoxy. i made the seams on...
1-15 of 15 Results