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  1. Hudson River
    I have 2 nine ft ugly stick downrigger rods with penn 310gti reels spooled with 300ft power pro braid for sale,they are on Craigslist also.$50.00 per combo.member price Pm if interested.:clock: sold
  2. Trolling for Stripers
    Hello, I am looking to buy an electric downrigger, so far I am looking at Big Jon and Scotty. If anyone owns one of those brands, I would appreciate your input on the pros and cons of those units. Thanks in advance, Ed Orum
  3. Kayaking Stripers
    Hello folks...recently put this video together to show a "Plug 'n Play" downrigger set-up for my Hobie PA14. Did not want to drill holes in the PA, but still wanted a stable foundation for 2 downriggers. Testing will begin shortly...will keep you updated with any revisions. Thanks for looking...
  4. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
    This will be my first experience with fishing a downrigger. I'll be using it mostly on Lake San Antonio. Anyone have any tips for me on downrigger use?
  5. Boaters Forum
    Hello! First, I am new to striper fishing and from what I have learned so far, I cannot wait to get out and try my luck! It seems like a great sport and something different from the years of bass and crappie fishing that I have done. I have a Ranger Reata 1850 and it does have the tubular...
  6. Trolling for Stripers
    Never tried trolling for them before, but thought I would give it a try in the old 12' aluminum with my hand-crank downrigger. Tried using Tube N Worm...must have pulled it around for an hour and a half in good water but not even a tug. I was marking fish but none were taking. Maybe I wasn't...
  7. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Cleaning out the garage and came across a bucket of downrigger balls that I had from a while ago. None have been used and I am willing to get rid of most of them (probably 15 - 20) at a reasonable price. I am asking 20 bucks each and would like to sale in lots of 3 or 4 so that shipping...
  8. Hudson River
    I want to setup my 16ft starcraft o/b with downriggers this year. Ive seen different setups from aluminum boards with 4 downriggers to gimble mounts ect. Id like to hear about your setups how many you use, models, mounting, telescoping boom, swivel, techniqe. Any info. would be appreciated...
  9. The Striper Forum
    I will be purchasing a pair of electric downriggers this summer. I am looking one with high retrival rate, telescoping boom, water level auto stop, clutch, ability to drop the weight without having to hold the button down, ability to come up without holding the button up, and one that can be...
  10. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Cannon Uni-Troll HP, (Manual operated),200 ft. cable, telescopinng heavy duty boom, weight retriever, 8lb. ball. Excellent condition, used very little. $150.00 Pictures available Jim [email protected]
  11. Striper Guides & Charters
    We are introducing a new Striper Shark downrigger weight for trolling up Striped Bass. check out....... Capt. Jimmy Samia
  12. Hudson River
    Now that the season is over I am looking at some new downrigger rods for the Hudson next year. Now use 9' dipsey divers from Shakespeare but find them a little stiff for 8# weights on Uni-Trolls. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Had an OK year for a few times I got out. Thanks -...
  13. The Striper Forum
    I'm thinking about investing in a downrigger so I don't have to use wire/lead line when trolling for stripers. I saw some downriggers that have a base that sits in your rod holder so you don't have to install them onto your boat. This appeals to me because I have a plastic boat (Triumph) and...
  14. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Hi ! Im new to striper fishing. I have a brand new 16' fishing dory called an Amesbury16 made by Stur-De-Boat Co. in Rhode Island. Its just a basic tiller model with a 25 HP. I live within easy driving distance to places like Elephant Butte , Colorado River , Lake pleasant , Lake Powel. I have...
  15. Freshwater Tackle Box
    I'm looking for some heavier duty downrigger rods. Something in the medium-heavy range that's built for the use of braided lines. What's all else out there? Best I've found so far are these Okuma Blue Diamond rods. These don't sound too bad really...just seeing what else you guys and gals...
  16. Freshwater Tackle Box
    We have recieved a walker line release, and its so simple i'm having trouble doping it out. Could one of you old pros give me a hand with this simple device? Thanks jackskip :cry:
  17. The Striper Forum
    I've been trolling for stripers for years and have always liked catching fish on the lightest tackle possible. If I'm pretty confident there are no BIG fish around just schoolies I will troll a Mooselook Wobbler or like lure on a light flyrod just for the fun factor. When I'm looking for bigger...
  18. The Striper Forum
    How was the book? Tattoo Bob, How was the book on Tubes and would you reccommend it? Can you get it on line? Great fishing to all. It is almost time!!! Go Sox Go Stewart!! Sea Wassp
1-18 of 18 Results