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  1. Cape Cod Canal
    Whats up everyone! Im new to stripers24/7 but not fishing the ditch! Any thoughts on when some fresh migratory schoolies will start filtering into the canal? I fished the canal sunday, mostly to shake off the cobwebs and try out some new gear. Unfortunately thats all that happened, not a...
  2. Massachusetts
    Anyone fishing the ditch?
  3. Cape Cod Canal
    Im still refusing to let my season to b over but i had a neverending blast at the ditch this season. Lots of good fish lots of knowledge gained. Lots more to learn next year. Time to get ready to spin the lathe and start dreaming of next spring.
  4. Cape Cod Canal
    heading down tomrrow night after work....hows it been down there....what are you guys using successfully, need to make the drive worthwhile! appreciate the tips gentleman
  5. Cape Cod Canal
    Any recommendations for ditch fishin in the rain. Do stripers react differently in the rain? And lets say your opinion on night and day fishing in the rain. I have put many hours days and nights trying to learn everything i can about the ditch o er the last few seasons (just ask my wife) but the...
  6. Cape Cod Canal
    Caught my first Ditch Keeper this morning on a plug that I made too, which makes it twice as nice. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic, I had to hurry to get the fish back into the water. Thanks to everyone here who helped me become the fisherman I am today.
  7. Cape Cod Canal
    Sorry for the short notice but if any of you local guys are gonna be around this weekend and wanna get together for a little fishing down the Cape drop me a PM or give me a call (508)330-3959 cell#. I'm headed down tomorrow night, staying in Dennis and will be looking to do some fishing in the...
  8. Cape Cod Canal
    Please dont spotburn this forum - or antagonize anybody who doesnt like it. We're not here to police the net or moderate arguments. If you have a greivance take it up in the pis and moan forum.
  9. Cape Cod Canal
    will be by the ditch for first week may was wondering how fishing is aroundthat time . I usally fish third weeek may
  10. Cape Cod Canal
    Hey, I just picked up a conventional rig and want to start doing a lot more jigging in the ditch. Looking for advice on soft plastics or technique. Typically I use like a 6" shad (white). I cast upstream (like 45 deg) on enough weight to hit bottom 4-5 times as the current pulls downsteam and...
  11. Cape Cod Canal
    Hope y'all have a successful weekend. Dunno what I will be chasing, Macks or Stripers, or both. Weather dependant, to be sure.
  12. Cape Cod Canal
    i will be heading to the ditch this saturday night around midnight-1am. should land there about 2:30 am, sunday, will fish untill around 9:30am sunday7 hours of huntin should HOPEFULLY produce a keeper,will report on monday...any and all advise welcome, pm if you have to..thanks.
  13. Cape Cod Canal
    be staying at the herring run.. fishing nowhere particular.. truck has a 247 sticker on the bumper, swing by and say hello ifn' yer around... bringin' my sweety so she can get a taste of ditch jiggin'(gulp) I'll take pics if we get into 'em!!(minus any landmarks) thumbsup.gif headbang.gif...
  14. Massachusetts
    was going to drive to the ditch saturday afternoon with ck. i know it may still be a little early, however if i dont scratch this itch im gonna go crazy. what are the odds a keeper or two may be on the prowl for some of my plugs? anyone?
1-14 of 14 Results