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  1. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    The motor died on me yesterday. Lucky I was on a lake and was able to use the electric motor to get me across the lake and back to the ramp. 1988, 80 HP, Mercury 3 cylinder. Was running great. Heading across the lake and it quit. Just shut down, like I had turned the key off. Turns over fine...
  2. Massachusetts
    What a contrast_ Oh my God. Such as busy busy day for Connencticut's professional law enforcement officers. Today I watched in awe as CT finest risked live and limb to arrest and ticket the most major threats to our society to day_ unlicensed BOATers or jet skiers. . Oh my GOD. It was so...
  3. New Hampshire
    What a night... Just got home from a REAL nightmare night. I almost lost it all. I went up ta Newmarket to fish tha dam and test out some of Roc's wood plugs, as well as a few of Jimi4290's new plugs. Saw tha police tape, then noticed tha floatin dock was totally gone, the place looked like a...
1-3 of 5 Results