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  1. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
    California Dept of Fish and Game online fishing guide ArcIMS distributes GIS data and allows users to create queries and requests through a browser without having GIS software installed on the user's local computer. It can be used to locate impoundments where stripers or any other fish for...
  2. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
    DFG has updated the estimates of legal-sized striped bass greater than 3 years of age and associated 95% confidence intervals (CI). Abundance estimates are calculated using a mark-and-recapture methodology. Year------ estimate------- lower CI------- upper CI 1996------ 1,043,239-----...
  3. Saltwater Licence Registry Links/Regulations/Laws
    The CalTIP number, the Department of Fish and Game poacher hotline, is 1-888-DFG-CALTIP. The DFG's Internet Web page is at the following address:
1-3 of 3 Results