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  1. Hudson River
    Does anyone know where I can find a map of the Hudson for both depth and what the floor is made of at each part? Ideally a map I can move around with the mouse (like google earth). Thank you
  2. Hudson River
    :sign4:Been out twice with no luck fishing chunk. Should my sinker be on the bottom or suspended as I drift. I mark fish at 18 or so feet and am thinking that I should suspend my sinker at that depth and drift through them. Newb on the hudson I am a surf fisherman. One more package of three...
  3. The Striper Forum
    Hello! At what point or amount of line out does the general crankbait no longer gain depth? I would assume that somewhere prior to 100' of line out that the crankbait would no longer gain depth, just distance away from the boat. Is this correct? Thanks! Andy
  4. Hudson River
    was wondering how many people use float sets or bottom fish finder set?
  5. Trolling for Stripers
    I read about one person who sets up a rig for two baits/lures on the same line. The basic setup is to have a 3-way swivel. On one line you have your deep bait. You put a 15' to 20' leader with a heavier torpedo weight. On the other line, you have another 15' to 20' leader with your shallower...
  6. Kayaking Stripers
    Morning, This has been a good 1st season kayak fishing. 3 stripers (1 keeper, but released), 2 blues and one that got away (straightened a 30# clip). I've been trolling soft plastics with success, but I don't know if the plastic is getting deep when I'm in deeper water. I'm using a 1/8 oz...
  7. Boaters Forum
    MY father and i are looking to get a gps in addition the the fish finder we already have. do you suggest dishing the fishfinder and getting a combo gps? i would rather spend my money on a gps that has a good knowledge of the depths around me. not neccesarily directly under the boat. So the...
  8. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Hey can anyone tell me how deep it is below the Troy dam? Thanks-I don't have any charts handy.
  9. Massachusetts
    i may be young, but have all the practical knowledge of striper fishing and the techniques used. Im just a little bit slow with the strategic part ( location, reading depths and making changes, and weathers affect on fishing). When looking at a map of boston harobur and south shore harbours(im...
  10. The Striper Forum
    Is there any relationship between a change from sunny to cloudy and what the stripers will do? Do they go shallower when it get's cloudy? Do they like channels versus shoreline? Thanks! John:icon_pirate:
  11. Hudson River
    I have tried looking for a depth chart for the river but have had no luck, anyone now a site or have one saved that can share. The reason I ask is because I fish only from shore and I don't know the river very well so I'm basically stuck to fishing areas like one pier so far, and I'm looking for...
  12. Massachusetts
    i was wondering if there was any place that i could get a depth chart for the merrimack? the reason i am looking for this is because the last time i was there, i ended up fighting with the birds that were stealing my bait. some of the spots that i was casting to were only a few feet deep. at...
  13. Boaters Forum
    Depth Calculator George's Piefer's Fishing Lure Depth Indicator sin(90) = 1, so the equation can be rewritten as Depth = Line Out x Sin(line angle). In addition, if you are flatline trolling, you will also need to add the distance from the rod tip to the water level into the equation as so...
  14. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    I am looking at a Humminbird Side Imaging sounder. Was wondering what others have to say about this unit or their own favorite unit.
  15. The Striper Forum
    Hi all, my buddy (who can use this as his first chance to post..right "speaks"?) and I were out fishing yesterday and got skunked for the first time. all other days on the boat we have been lucky enough to find the pogies and then catch some big blues or schoolie stripers. While out there...
  16. Boaters Forum
    I have been looking at some of the postings about trolling stripers. I live in RI and fish just off Narragansett Bay and the SakonnetRiver. In the past I have been very unsuccessful with lead core and tube & worm. It seems to me that proximity to the bottom is critical. I am told that if the...
  17. The Striper Forum
    Hello all... anyone have any experience with Raymarine depth finders? Interested in finding out how you distingish between stripers and other species. Thanks for any feedback...FISH ON
  18. Hudson River
    While I understand it is generally the hour before and hour after high tide that is the preferred time to fish for Stripers on the Hudson, I'm curious if anyone has an opinion on if it is worth it to fish from shore at those times when the high tide coincides with the bright, sunny parts of the...
  19. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Sea View 1200 5" screen(diagonal)(monochrome) supertwist LCD 160 X 160 pixels,well used but in fair to good condition, mounting bracket,power cord,tranducer and owners manual included.. $ 50.00 Lowrance X-88 DF 5" screen(diagonal) (monochrome) Super film twist LCD, 320 X 320 Pixels duel...
  20. The Striper Forum
    I live in the MASS BAY area towards cape cod but a little closer to boston area (duxbury) and i am wondering what type of land forms or bottoms would be good to fish. There are some rocky areas and stuff but i have been catching most of my keepers off eels in the harbor and most schoolies...
1-20 of 21 Results