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  1. The Striper Forum
    Hello all, This might come off as shameless advertising but I can guarantee you this is original content and relevant. I have many more trips / videos planned for the summer. I hope you guys enjoy! Not sure how to embed the video. Sorry =( Everything was released and returned alive. This...
  2. Delaware River
    I want to catch my first striper on the Delaware river ive been trying for 5 years now to do it with no sucess...any captains locally here that launch outta Neshaminey area?Send PM thanks Rusty
  3. DelMarVA
    First it was the spiny dogs, then it was spiny dogs and skates, now it's just skates....This has been the longest stretch of surf fishing in ten years w/o any fish.... Oh well there should be a bit of action as the fish exit the DB, even if the main group of stripers pass 5 miles east of us....
  4. New Jersey
    Anybody know where the fish are? Not a single striper on 5 attempts , throwing bloods near tacony palmyra bridge
  5. Delaware River
    Hi Guys- I've been fishing the surf for bass and now thinking of trying the Delaware. I have two 9" medium power rods, 8'6" medium power steelhead rod and a 10" medium heavy. All loaded with braid. I'm looking for info on rigging for bait (bloodworms?)and some good lures to use. Use the 9'...
  6. Saltwater Striper Clubs
    5th annual Delaware river striper tournament held once again at the West end boat club 500 W. 2nd St., Essington PA 19029. All anglers can register online at $50 per person gets you your meal and open beer bar for two hours.again this year sponsors will be Cabela's. St. Croix rods...
  7. Delaware River
    If you have been following my articles about "How to Catch Striped Bass on the Delaware River" this will fill in some gaps for the bank fishermen that I have neglected. Below is brief overview of where to fish from land on the Delaware River, covering Philadelphia to Bucks County with google...
  8. Striper Guides & Charters
    We start booking on March 1st visit for deals and discounts.
  9. Delaware River
    May sound crazy that a fisherman would want to catch them, But I like to smoke them in my smoker. I use my own special brine, and if you like smoked fish they can't be beat. So if anyone has a hot spot please let me know. I use to have a special spot near pools island where they could be had in...
  10. Saltwater Species
    Will be at indian river inlet sept 29 to Oct 5, shore fishing the inlet. Can anyone tell me what fish to expect and what baits I should use other than bucktails, relatively new to saltwater fishing, was down for opening week of the state park in June and fishing was terrible, hope it improves...
  11. Delaware River
    Notice Delaware river charter captains What's up with posting pics of ilegal bass on your page? I'm not going to call out any names but those 2 bass that were "plugged" are deff not in the 20"-26" range well above that size! Please if you read these threads take down the pics. The balls of...
  12. DelMarVA
    How much is an out-of-state fishing license to fish Lewes, DE? I was on the website and just got confused. Do I need a license to drive on the beach and a license to surf fish also. What is the total cost for that? My SUV is registered in FL.
  13. Delaware River
    I am a surf rat. I have friends living in Philly, so I would like to try the Delaware this spring. Is my surf gear too much for the river? I practice CPR and rarely use bait. What plugs would you recommend for the river from shore? Would fly fishing be an option?
  14. Delaware River
    Hey guys I'll be fishing a ton and would love to share information and leave my fishing reports, between the weather and this video I am getting hyped Delaware River Water Temp is 43 degrees at trenton
  15. Delaware River
    New to the site here but was planning on taking a few cracks at the striper action this spring on the Delaware. Usually a smallmouth guy on the Susquehanna, but have caught a few stripers down there in the past and know how much fun it can be. Wanted to get thoughts from others if my rig will...
  16. Delaware River
    Thinking about taking a new fisherman bank fishing for stripers this comming weekend anybody know if their still hitting above Trenton bridge or are they. On their way back...?Thanks Uglystik52
  17. Delaware River
    Hey guys, just became a member of the forum. I live on the river and I'm starting to try for those stripers. I'll keep you updated on how things are going here. I'll be using bloodworms today. Good luck guys! Any updates south of the bridge I would love to hear!:flyfish:
  18. New Jersey
    Hey guys, just became a member of the forum. I live on the river and I'm starting to try for those stripers. I'll keep you updated on how things are going here. I'll be using bloodworms today.
  19. The Gallows - Poachers Hall of Shame
    Iv seen the pic Anyone seen articles, or know the story, of the bust last year on the delware river?
  20. Delaware River
    Here's a glance at our river in 2013. Hope to place a report on Friday but most likely not til Sunday.
1-20 of 128 Results