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  1. Hudson River
    This is a good thing. I want to get out next week and the colder water temps will help stay off the spawn a little while longer.
  2. Hudson River
    Today was the first time that every measured spot in the river was above 47 degrees. 30 years ago, all the old timers used to say that when we hit that, the schools started moving north fast, and the Cows started to move in. Now all we need is a few reports of 30"+ fish at Piermont. It...
  3. Hudson River
    its time seen a camaron getting herring today out of the channel tomarrow looks gooooooooood
  4. The Striper Forum
    Time to get off the computer for the day and fish. Comon JB thanks for your hard work and sacrifice, now take a break and fish for some bucketmouths until the stripers are up in New England. Im heading to SI once again to fish with my brothers. See you guys out there. 8)
1-4 of 4 Results