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  1. Rods And Custom Rod Building
    Hey guys, Time for me to get a new rod, I've been using a 7.5 ft jarvis walker rod for an all around rod and its awesome, even for casting plugs and metal off the surf but I think I would really benefit from an 8-9 foot rod that I would use primarily for throwing wood plugs and metal off piers...
  2. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    Made it to the dam at 5 AM. Started out tossin Zoom Flukes behind a Launcher with no takers , so we rig for live Shad and Mooneyes and keep on hitting them til about 9 AM when the fog lifted. Then the smaller ones took over close to the shore. All in all , a decent day
  3. The Striper Forum
    I fish NJ and NYC mainly for stripers and blues. I'm lookin for atleast a 10' surf rod to go with my shimano Baitrunner 6500. Been lookin at Tica TC3 Dolphin, St. Croix Triumph and Star Stellar. Any suggestions?
  4. Hunting / Game
    An afternoon catch in December. Me and Alisha my women. with a prized catch otter and large muskrat.
  5. The Wiper Room
    Hey Guys, I fished the Hannibal tailrace today, Picked up two decent hybrids, one about 7 1/2 lbs and the other a solid 10 lbs, also picked up a few smaller ones and a few white bass. Not a bad morning considering the water was very dirty and running very fast. Anyone else doing any good with...
  6. Stripers on the Fly
    Been catching mostly schollies and blues on my new addiction. I finally caught a decent one over 30" on the fly rod. I actually caught two about the sam size but only kept the first one. about 34" on a floating line with a white/red clouser in RI. Very exciting for me.
  7. Tackle Evaluation & Product review
    What would be a decent casting/conventional set-up for schoolie stripers with a few keepers mixed in there. I'm looking to spend about 150$. Seeing these fish are schoolies and i like the fight i wouldn't mind a lighter action. My only problem is i need to swing the fish up onto a foot bridge...
  8. New Jersey
    After a few weeks of the usual married/job/kids/dead car/no time/no fishing crapola, I finally got back down to the beach today for a little fishing in the bright sunshine, I know, I know, bass fishing is meant to be done in the wet/cold/dark, but I went anyway.....had a slow start, with first a...
  9. The Striper Forum
    Any record breakers or personal best catches? What's the word?:smile: I've had some of the best bass I've seen in a while. Gotta work for 'em, but the reward have been decent. How about you?thumbsup.gif
  10. Hudson River
    Launched out of Corning Preserve at 0615 and picked up first Herring around 0700. Had good hit and set the hook with solid hookset and fish on. My brother Jason began fighting the fish and after about 10-15 minutes, we landed it. She weighed in at 17lbs, 14ozs and 34 1/2 inches long. Fish was...
  11. Hudson River
    my friend pulled in a decent one from shore, had to of been 6-7 pounds, couldnt weigh it cuz it slipped back into the water when we were takin the hook out. Then 3 more little ones were caught....some good news
  12. Massachusetts
    caught this monster on Johnsons pond with a Yum Tube at a 11:30 am just when the heat started to kick in we duct in a small cove and bam there he was... didn't have a scale we had tourny ruler that went to 22" he was a good 2" longer that the ruler.... This board rocks cigar.gif
  13. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    Caught a few decent wipers last Sat. on the Ohio River downstream from Meldahl dam, largest came up above my kneecap, 23" give or take. Almost a keeper. Caught it on 5' Ultralight, I'd spooled up new 6# test the night before, glad to have a good knot too! :) Took a while to get him in, wonderful...
1-13 of 14 Results