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  1. Hudson River
    Does anyone know who owns this ramp? It is in serious rough shape. More so than previous years. Last time i checked it it was inpassible. I know theres a lot of people who rely on this ramp (me being one of them) and i want to see if we can improve the ramp. Im waiting to see what the city...
  2. Rhode Island Fishing
    :drive:Hit the beach last night and wasted like $50 worth of Gulp shad. No Bass!!!
  3. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Perfect conditions too. Incoming tide, fished for 4 hours and I caught 4 sturgeon and a 6 pound drum. Didn't see a single striper from shore or boats. Lots of batfish in the water. Herring were being caught at will. I don't get it really.... A guy showed me a pic of a 43 pounder he caught last...
  4. New York
    Do you believe this, straight outta newsday, Capt. David Aripotch was about four miles north-northeast of Montauk Point in his 70-foot dragger, pulling in the last catch of the day, when he netted something he never expected: a 6,500-pound anchor that may date to Civil War times. The Caitlin...
  5. South Carolina - Interior
    Friday, 06 May 2005 Female Angler Catches 40lb Striped Bass COLUMBIA, SC, (NAMC) - Female angler, [EDITED] of Columbia, S.C. caught her first ever striped bass on Tuesday May 3rd and the fish weighted in at a hefty 40 pounds 3 hours after it was landed. The fish was 46" long and had a girth of...
1-5 of 7 Results