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  1. Maine
    Hey there, I've seen some talk online but cannot find any hard info. Anyone have any luck with stripers below the dam on the Andro in Brunswick/topsham? I've been thinking of soaking the boat at the launch in Brunswick. Guessing it's all freshwater this far up from merrymeeting bay, or is it...
  2. Hudson River
    seen a few boats going down the ramp behind Bella Napoli this afternoon!!! Everyone getting ITCHY!!! laughing7.gif
  3. Kentucky
    Hello - This past Saturday went to Markland Dam. No Striper's or Wipers. Got there before 8:00AM and left a little past 12:00. Tried close to the dam on the rocks and the ventured to beach area. Seen shad and jacks and that was it. No bites at all. Try it again in a week or two. Trying to post...
  4. Hudson River
    Do buctails produce big fish? What other lures and anyone ever your herring at the dam if so how many ounces to hold bottom
  5. Hudson River
    Its useless, it would open up about eight miles of sorely needed herring spawning habitat which would greatly benefit both the herring and the stripers. Another candidate would be the Roe Pond dam on the Poplopen. What are we waiting for? Lets get the ball rolling. I'll do some preliminary...
  6. Hudson River
    Fishing at the dam today I saw the DEC inflatable go by portside towards the lock with 4 uniformed in it. I was otherwise engaged, but when I got done I noticed that the 3 or so boats that had been fishing right at the base of the dam were now pulled up on shore right below the lock. The DEC...
  7. Hudson River
    Went up to the dam today, 4/5, noon til 3. Three big channels on worms, one looked about 24". No evidence of herring or bass. Sunny and windy. Cold even with the sun. Had my ice fishing clothes on. Hide tide, checked the Posty up to the first bridge, no activity. Speaking of border...
  8. Hudson River
    Fish Passage Improvements on the Hudson River Coming Soon By Sean McDermott, Northeast Regional Office Habitat Conservation Division Fisheries have long been an important resource on the Hudson River. Absent any manmade obstructions, migrating fish were historically able to ascend up to Glen...
  9. Hudson River
    Just got done doing the driveway. We got about 8-9inches of snow in the Selkirk area. Last year at this time the temp was a record high of 68degrees. What a difference. Hope this is the last of the white stuff.:icon_thelmutsalute:
  10. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    Last few days have been great for Wipers. Nice to finally catch some good ones. Caught mostly on 3" Slider paddle tail grubs carolina rigged, Stickbaits and spoons. Some big White bass and quite a few Saugers and Walleyes in the mix.
  11. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I am new to striper fishing. I purchased a Tica surge 10.6 rod, Penn Battle 5000, 20 lb pro power braid about a month ago. I am trying to cast with 3 or 4 oz weights approx. 100 yds if not more to reach the Dam gates that are open. I am not sure if I am holding and try to snap the rod to...
  12. Kentucky
    Hey folks, this is my first post and wanted to tell you all that my family and I fished with a guide service out of Alligator II marina the end of April. The guide told me they have a target date of Fall, 2013 for the wrapping up of the work on the dam. Once water levels are restored to normal...
  13. Hudson River
    Anybody having any luck at te federal dam? Thinking of going north tonight of its worth it. Thanks
  14. Hudson River
    I'm looking to jig some live herring and then fish for striper with the live herring, any help I can get is much appericated like where to get me some darn herring... I've been out on my boat 3 times with no luck at anything yet... this is my first boat, fished from shore the past two...
  15. Rods And Custom Rod Building
    i have a damn down the street from my house i like to go fishing there but i know my ugly stik wont pull up a striper 30 feet in the air to much bending i was just wondering what would be a good rod for that job thanks =)
  16. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    Top water wipers of late. From this morning 8-16. Smack Tackle Wake bait, perfect replica of a Skipjack and they hit it hard
  17. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    I fished the morning 7am-1030am no runs at all. Lots of herring with the stoolie none jigging. I think later in the week with warmer water this area will heat up. I will be back out tomorrow nite!
  18. Massachusetts
    Near the powerplant. Anyone ever fish there? i just got a schoolie from there. they were biting like crazy today. If you want to met up and fish let me know!
  19. Hudson River
    INDIAN LAKE -- The dam that holds Lake Abanakee back is eroding and emergency officials in the region are preparing for a possible failure by putting fire departments on standby along the Hudson River. The 4.5 mile-long lake crested the dam in Indian Lake on Wednesday. Abanakee’s swollen...
1-20 of 73 Results